1964 Ford T850 Semi

New Farming Simulator 19 mod: The 1964 Ford T850 Semi, modified by OKUSEDMODS.

OKUSEDMODS released another truck this time the Ford T850 Semi. This truck is made in house. They are normally specialized in converting and editing mods to give an old look and feel to it. But this time they made the truck by themselves. You can find more OKUSEDMODS on their official Mod-Network page: OKUSEDMODS mod page .

Ford T850 Semi transporting pigs
  • Brand: FORD.
  • Category: Truck.
  • Base price: 18,500 €.
  • Engine configurations: 3.
  • Power range: 226-575 horsepower.
  • Top speed: 80 km/h | 50 mph.
  • Selectable color: Yes.
  • Platform: PC, Mac.

Credits:  OK USED MODS & J&M FARMS/Giants/Chasis Credit FarmSimSteve, Caminokid, west morgan, small American farming, Googleplex2010/Torquewrench1. The Interior is from The Expendables 1972 Ford F100 but has been edited to give a slightly different appearance.

Ford T850 Semi carrying wood


The Farming Simulator 19 mod has an OK interior. The interior was borrowed from another mod made by Expandables. They changed some things to make it unique. The exterior has some nice details and looks quite realistic. The bonnet has some lovely details and the exhaust is located underneath the truck. Job well done OKUSEDMODS!

Ford T850 Semi interior

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