Maupu TDM 7632 Trailer

Farming Simulator 19 mod showcase: The Maupu TDM 7632 trailer, created for FS19 by Nico Du 55.

Here’s an excellent reproduction of the large, French-made Maupu trailer for FS 19. It has several exciting features, especially when it comes to tipping options.

TDM 7632 In-Game Features

Wheels – You can put wheels from Michelin, Nokian, and Trelleborg on the trailer. There are no additional dimension options.

Design – When you toggle between the different capacity choices in the shop, the trailer walls change, respectively. The two smallest options are ideal for grain transport, while the largest are excellent for silage.

You can add a cover to the trailer, but it will only look good with the smallest capacity setup.

It’s also possible to raise the rear of the trailer. Look for the “Unfold” option in the F1 Help Menu.

FS19 Maupu TDM 7632 Mod Specs

The Maupu is a lovely tool that looks good in the game. I’m especially happy about the variety of capacity options, and how they change the looks of the trailer.

  • Brand: Maupu.
  • Credits: Nico Du 55.
  • Category: Trailers.
  • Base price: 45,000.
  • Capacity: 24,000 liters, 26,000 liters, 32,000 liters, and 33,500 liters.
  • Accepted: Most Farming Simulator 19 solids.
  • Tip options: You can off-load via the rear doors (two different options) or the grain doors.
  • Selectable colors: No.
  • Selectable wheels: Yes.
  • Wheel brands: Michelin, Trelleborg, and Nokian.
  • Extra rear hitch: No.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

Where to Download

Nico Du 55 has made the mod trailer available for download over at Sharemods. You can press the blue button to open the download location.

Go to Download

Want a blue version instead of the red one? No problem. Nico Du 55 has also made a blue version of the trailer. That one is hosted over at Sharemods, as well. Just click the blue button to get there.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

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