Lizard Bale Flat Deck Semi-Trailer (Autoload) 1.0

It’s time you download the Lizard flat deck semi-trailer (with autoload) for Farming Simulator 19 (you’ll find the download link below.)

It’s a modified version of the Lizard flat deck trailer created by ‘alfalfa6945’, which we wrote about some time ago. It’s ‘Honkyboy’ that has adjusted the trailer, fixing the Kingpin attachment. The new version also has a rear hitch that can be purchased in the shop.


The Lizard flatbed has autoload. It allows you to load almost anything with the press of a button.

The most important keyboard shortcuts are:

  • U = Autoload on or off.
  • Z = Toggle what goods to load (square bales, round bales, and so on.)
  • B = Toggle unloading position (visually guided by a marker.)
  • Y = Unload.

It’s also possible to move the unloading marker in various directions. See the in-game F1 Help Menu for more on this.

‘Long Vehicle’…

FS19 Lizard Bale Flat Deck Semi-Trailer

Here are some vital facts about this great FS19 mod:

  • Brand: Lizard.
  • Credits: Giants Software, alfalfa6945, and Honkyboy.
  • Category: Baling Technology.
  • Base price: 56,000.
  • Capacity: Examples: 39 large square bales, 48 round bales, or 20 pallets.
  • Selectable colors: No.
  • Selectable wheels: Yes.
  • Wheel brands: Lizard and Trelleborg.
  • Errors? We did not detect errors or warnings.
You can, of course, use it as an ordinary flat bed trailer too…

Download Disabled

Sorry, but the mod has been removed from the original download page. I’ll try and locate an updated version asap.

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