CIMC Flat Deck Trailers Pack 1.1

Farming Simulator 19 mods presentation: CIMC flat deck trailers pack by JFL Modding. If you just want the trailers right now, the download instructions are located at the end of the showcase.

This is a brilliant pack of Autoload trailers that double as transport trailers for other vehicles and equipment. Combined, they have enough space to bring a tractor, a baler, and a telehandler to the fields. And it can transport an enormous number of different bales when returning to the farm.

Great Aussie Modding

JFL Modding has modeled the trailers after the real-life flat decks, made by the Australian company CIMC Vehicle Australia. Just take a look at the company website. Then, check out the FS19 versions. Now that’s what I call impressive modeling and texturing.

Here’s the FS19 line-up:

One Flat-Deck A Trailer.

There are a couple of hidden ramps inside the deck of the A trailer. Use your mouse or a controller to get them into the open. The ramps make it easier for vehicles to drive from another flat deck onto the A trailer when both are attached.

It’s also possible to slide the 5th wheel on the A trailer back and forth.

Here’s some of its Autoload capacity: 8 pallets, 24 square bales, 20 round bales, 2 cotton modules, and 3 cotton bales.

A Flat-Deck B Trailer.

This trailer will hold the following when using Autoload: 44 square bales, 14 pallets, 38 round bales, 5 cotton modules, and 5 cotton bales.

And One Drop Deck Trailer.

The drop deck version can be equipped with two sets of ramps. One from the ground onto the lower level. And another set from level 1 to level 2. And yes, also this trailer has Autoload. Here are some examples of what you can load it with: 38 round bales, 14 pallets, 41 square bales, 4 cotton modules, and 5 cotton bales.

What to Configure

All three trailers have several customization options. You can change the colors of many of each trailer’s parts. Don’t want the headache racks? Or do you want to use all frames available? No problem. Just customize it in the shop.

The Autoload Function

Most of you probably know how the Farming Simulator 19 version of Autoload works by now. But just to make sure, here are some of the most used keyboard shortcuts:

  • Z = Sets what product to load.
  • U = Activates and deactivates Autoload.
  • B = Helps you choose the unloading positions (guided by a marker.)
  • Y = Auto-unloads your load.
The Auto-unloading marker.

All trailers accept most of the standard FS19 bales, pallets, and cotton modules, the JD round cotton bales included. But for some reason, it won’t accept wool pallets. It’s also worth mentioning that they are using an older version of the Autoload script, and not the “Global” version Alfalfa6945 released just recently.

FS19 CIMC Flat Deck Trailers

I like these trailers a lot. They’ll let you haul enormous amounts of bales in one turn. Yes, there are some small warnings in the log, but these are nothing to worry about. Here are more details:

  • Brand: CIMC Trailers.
  • Credits: JFL Modding.
  • Category: Baling Technology.
  • Base price: 38,000.
  • Capacity: See above.
  • Selectable colors: Yes.
  • Selectable wheels: Yes – Standard or with spider rims.
  • Wheel brands: Lizard.
  • Extra rear hitch: Yes, on the B trailer and the Flat Deck.
  • Errors: Nothing to worry about.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.
Bales, bales, and more bales…

Version 1.1 – Not Getting Stuck Anymore

(Updated September 20, 2019) A new version of the fantastic trailers is available. Perhaps the most significant change is the inclusion of the most recent release of the Easy Autoload script by Alfalfa6945. This is what it means for you:

  1. Since the new Autoload script is Global, the Autoload script itself needs to be in your mods folder and activated. (No worries, JFL Modding has included the script with the trailers.)
  2. You need to unzip the mod files first, then copy both files to your mods folder.

Other important updates:

The collisions have been fixed. The trailers should not get stuck anymore by “invisible obstacles.” And all trailers now accept Hesston baler bales and wool pallets.

Now, for wool pallets too…

(I’ve tested the mod with other Autoload mods that have the script included. They did not seem to be interfered by the Global version of the script)

How to Download

To get these great-looking trailers into your mods folder, you need to visit the official download page over at Mediafire. Just click the blue button to get there.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


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  1. Wow, these trailers are amazing, and the idea is so great.. However, I’ve noticed these things are very very top heavy. Is this happening with anyone else? I use the Flat deck connector piece, and the step deck together, and either one alone or coupled love to lean far too much even without a load on it when taking a sharp turn even at low speeds.

    • Thanks Ethan for commenting 🙂 Yes, it was particularly noticeable with the first version. I believe it got somewhat better with version 1.1, but perhaps not good enough?

  2. I am not able to autoload Cotton modules, neither in the flat-deck A nor the flat-Deck B. I only used them with 1.3 round bales and everything was perfect, but whe the time came to cotton…

  3. Trailer is major broken for me.

    It will not load in either SP or MP with the current included autoloader for me. This is with no other mods installed only what is included in this download. Will crash and hang with the console saying something about auto loader. Downloading the latest autoloader version from nexus from the author of it will allow it to load in and stop erroring out on autoloader.

    However that is not where the issues stop for me.

    Attaching the trailer to a truck will cause the truck and everything you are seeing to freeze and do funny things. If you tab out of the truck the game starts to function fine again. If you try to get back in the truck that was just attached to the trailer will either be still frozen or work as intended. Normally takes me a bout 5 times of getting into the truck for it to start working fine and unfreeze itself. After that seems fine for a very long time until it does again.

    Doing round bales for hay 5 went missing just disappeared without a trace anywhere. Cotton square bales also do not auto load either tried all sides and even wheel loader will not load it.

    Great mod if it would work. Hope author will fix these issues.

  4. After testing out these trailers on several maps a friend and I have both encountered a big issue with these trailers.

    When driving with the trailers on anything other than a paved road they “snag” on random bits of grounds and jerk and fly around till they eventually just get completely stuck to the point where you have to reset them to move them again.

    After a lot of testing with them we feel that this issue is somehow related the the physics shape of the models for each trailer.

    • Hi Joe 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience with the trailers. I must admit I just drove them on roads and onto fairly leveled fields and did not encounter the problems you describe.

    • Ok, Joe. I’ve tested the trailers. I did experience the same as you when driving around the vehicle shop on the Ravenport map. The drop deck caused me problems no matter what. But the A and B trailer behaved normal when I added the gates to them.

      The good news: JFL Modding is aware of it. A fix is ready and will be released when he’s finished adding the new version of the Autoloader script to the trailers 🙂

      • I did eventually find the JFL Modding posted that on their Facebook. Hopefully this fix won’t take too long to come out as I was looking forward to using these trailers but this issue pops up too often for me.

        Thanks for all the work you do on posting these mods and reviewing them. Found tons of nice ones thanks to this site.

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