Case IH Vestrum Series Tractors

By Yesmods

Feb 19 2020 - 18:01

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FarmingSimulator 19 mod presentation: The Case IH Vestrum Series tractors, createdby RedCat3D and Lukas2002.

This mod is,in my opinion, one of the most impressive small tractor mods you can have inFarming Simulator 19 right now. The addon is an almost perfect replica of oneof the newest Case IH models.

The first, real-worldVestrums, has barely left the assembly line when it gets its FS19 debut. It’sso cool that we get to use brand new models in the game, as well.

The Case IH Vestrum makes its FS19 debut at the same time it's introduced to the real world.

Vestrum Series In-Game Features

Colors – You have some choices when itcomes to the body colors and the colors for the front loader mount. You canalso decide between gray or beige as colors for parts of the interior.

Wheel – Most FS19 wheel brands offer oneor more configurations for the Vestrum. You have the most choices with the Trelleborgoption, for example, narrow care wheels, rear duals, or twin wheels all the way.

Design – You can go for weight brackets ora 3-point hitch for the tractor’s front. Beacon lights? Yes, several placementoptions. The shop menu also includes two sets of front loader attachers and anoptional mirror inside the cab.

You can also buy carpets for the cockpit floor.


The Case IHVestrum mod is delightfully animated. You can open the left door and the rearwindow with a mouse or a controller. The same also applies to the roof hatch.

Thesteering wheel tilts towards you when you enter the tractor.

FS19 Case IH VestrumSeries Mod Specs

This isanother fantastic creation from RedCat3D. With the help of Lukas2002, he hasmanaged to make one of the best tractor mods I’ve driven in FS19. It’s reallythat good!

Where to Download

The Case IH Vestrum is so good Giants have granted it access to the modhub on all platforms. You can either download it from the game or, if you’re on PC or Mac, download it from its mod page. The blue button opens the last option.

Go to DownloadThis mod is an official Modhub mod. Please, do the modder a favor and only download it from the in-game hub or from its official mod page on

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