New Holland T6 Series US & Canada Version

Farming Simulator 19 mod: The North Americanized New Holland T6 Series tractors, modified by NEFG Modding.

The basis for this mod is the T6 that was released with the game more than one year ago. NEFG Modding has made sure it looks more like something you’ll see on farms in Canada and the United States.

T6 Series Features

The most visible difference between the modded T6 and the original model is the US styled blinker arms. And the warning triangle on the left side of the tractor. You can fold and unfold the flashers, by the way.

Wheels – Several wheel configurations are accessible in the shop. All tires are Firestone.

Design – There are several front weight options; you can remove the front fenders. And you can add a front loader console to your tractor.

FS19 New Holland T6 North American

I’m Scandinavian. But I enjoy American styled farming. I’m very happy that modders like NEFG Modding takes the time to make North American versions of the base game machinery.

  • Brand: New Holland.
  • Credits: Giants Software, NEFG Modding.
  • Category: Medium Tractors.
  • Base price: 102,000.
  • Engine configurations: 3 – T6.125, T6.155, and T6.175.
  • Power range: 125 to 175 horsepower.
  • Top speed: 50 kilometers per hour | 31 miles per hour.
  • Selectable colors: No.
  • Selectable wheels: Yes.
  • Wheel brands: Firestone.
  • Front loader attacher: Yes.
  • Errors: A couple.
  • Platforms: PC and Mac.

About the Warnings

The T6 left a couple of warnings in the log. Here they are:

Error: Can't load resource '../FS19_New_Holland_T6/dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua'.

Warning (performance): Raw audio format ../FS19_New_Holland_T6/sounds/Nh_7070getriebe.wav.

Those bugs will not ruin your game. But using too many mods with errors at the same time might hurt performance.

I also noticed a glitch with the rear hitch, where some implements and trailers attach above the actual hitch. And the PTO connects to the front instead of to the rear.

How to Download

The North American version of the T6 is released on NEFG Modding’s Facebook page. Here’s a copy of the release post with the download link.

New Holland T6 US SpecConfigurable suitcase weightsConfigurable wheelsWarning signsEngine configurationsFender…

Posted by NEFG Modding on Saturday, December 14, 2019

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

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