John Deere 8400 and 8410 Tractors 225-235 HP

Here’s a Green Classic That Surely Will Make John Deere Fans Happy

Here you got the John Deere 8400 and 8410 for Farming Simulator 19 (from the 8000 and 8000T series.) It’s an American Classic, produced between 1995 and 1999. Today, you’ll still see a lot of these tractors all around the world.

The JD 8400 and 8410 Farming Simulator 19 mods are made available by the Old School Farming mod team. And they’ve done a terrific job. The tractor looks good. It drives good. And it gives you that good ol’ JD-feeling once you enter the cabin.

Here are the vital specs:

  • Base price: 48,900
  • Horsepower range: 225-235 HP
  • Top speed: 42 kph/26 mph

When you download this mod, you’ll get two models: The 8400. And 8410. There are some visual differences. For example, the 8410 has a bigger set of weights than its little brother. And for both models, you can choose to have twin wheels on the back, or duals all around, besides single wheel options.

Go to Download – 61.6MB

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