Wopster’s Manure System

By Yesmods

Mar 12 2020 - 12:37

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New FarmingSimulator 19 mod showcase: The (Amazing) Manure System, created by Wopster.

Wopster’slatest creation is truly a game-changer for all players looking for morerealistic gameplay in FS19. Sure, Wopster released something similar for FS17,but the new version is more extensive, more feature-rich.

Wopster’srelease includes four mods, where the Manure System script mod is the most important.

The Manure System

The mainmod is a script that runs all the added functions. It also contains two typesof hoses:

You need hoses... A lot of them...

The hoses connectto each other, the other mods that Wopster has released, and a lot of the basegame machinery (see below.)

Here’sjust one example: Youcan make a connection between a sprayer and a fertilizer tank to refill thesprayer.

Wopster's mod makes Farming Simulator 19 more realistic.

What About Mods?

Wopster’s manure system works with all the base game machinery (this list shows you exactly which ones.) But what about modded sprayers and liquid manure equipment?

Other mods need further modifications to work with the Manure System. Here are two detailed guides on what needs to be done: Modding with vehicles and modding with placeables.

I know that several modders are already working on implementing Wopster’s creation, for example, 4D modding.

Ok, backto more of Wopster’s mods…

The Manure System Lagoon

The ManureSystem Lagoon is a placeable object in which you can store (a lot) ofliquid manure. It holds 1,718,000 liters at the most.

It also hasa mixing function, reducing the thickness of the slurry. Doing so makes the liquidmanure flow more quickly through the pumps and hoses.

The slurry lagoon.

The Stallkamp Pump

The StallkampPump makes pumping liquids to and from objects easy. It’s particularly handywhen the receiving or giving end doesn’t have a pump. I noticed that the pump continuedto work after being disconnected from a PTO. A possible bug?

You can fill tankers with water when using the pump.

Anyway,when connected to a tractor, remember to open the manure valves to get theliquids flowing.

You must lift those two handles for the juices to start flowing.

Zunhammer Tripod Hopper

The ZunhammerTripod Hopper is ideal for fieldwork. Just place it on the ground and connectit to a slurry transport tanker using hoses. Then, maneuver the spreading tanker’srefill boom to the docking funnel to refill the tank.

It takes practice to align the refill arm and the funnel, but soon you'll connect them with your eyes shut...

Note: You’ll need Gamer8250’s Tractor Triangle Pack to attach the hopper to a tractor for transport.

How to Use the Manure System

You can usea mouse or a controller to control most of the stuff in Wopster’s Manure Systemmod. The hoses, for example, can be picked up like other objects in FarmingSimulator 19. And valves can be opened and closed by interacting with them.

The F1 Help Menu describes most of what you need to know about operating the different parts. You can also look at Wopster’s manual on GitHub.

See the F1 help menu for guidance on how to use the different stuff.

FS19 Manure System byWopster

Wopster isone of the most valuable modders for fans of realism in Farming Simulator 19. HisGuidance Steering mod, his contributions to the Seasons 19 mod, and now, the ManureSystem mod, just shows how brilliant he is.

The ManureSystem is amazingly good! Sure, it takes some time to figure it out (for me, at least.)But once I got the hang of the most of it, it felt like the rebirth of FS 19!

May Wopsternever get tired of modding the Farming Simulator games…

Notice the flexible funnel... So many and stunning details!

Where to Download

You candownload all the ingredients in the Manure System from the Modhub inside thegame. If you want the web version, here are the links:

PS. Inthe game, you’ll find the manure hose, the tripod hopper, and the Stallkamppump in the Tools | Slurry Tanks category, while you’ll find the fertilizerhose in the Tools | Crop Protection category.

Some Usage Tips

I believe themod makes the slurry tankers accept water

The hosesaren’t flexible with regards to length. You need to position your equipmentto fit the hose length or buy extension versions of the hose in the shopto lengthen the reach.

It seems there’sa limit on how many connected hoses you can pick up. If you’re connectingmore than three and try to lift them, you’ll get a message that you’re not “SuperHuman”… If you need to make a long line of hoses, connect sections of threefirst and place them where you need them. Then, connect the sections.

Anothercool feature is that you can store the hoses on the side of the Kotte Garanttransport semi-tanker, for example.

Yup, it's possible...

Finding Triggers

It mightbe a bit tricky to find the connection points on some of the vehicles and equipment. Just walk around with the hose pickedup to see what triggers the connection action.

If you can’tget the Stallkamp pump to work, check that you’ve opened the manure valves.

Using the ManureSystem requires some thinking… It needs some familiarization… I recommend thatyou play around with it first to get to know the ins and outs, beforeusing it in a savegame…

You can also check out this great video from Farmer Klein, one of my favorite YouTubers:


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