Pigfood Fermenting Silo (Placeable)

Sugar Beets, Potatoes, or Sugarcane Turns into Pigfood

Here you have the Pigfood fermenting silo for Farming Simulator 19. This mod works like other bunker silos. But instead of chaff and grass, this silo will accept potato, sugar beets and sugarcane.

You have to compact the crops before covering it. And voila! After two days you have a fresh load of pigfood.

What to know about this mod:

  • Mod: Placeable Pigfood Silo.
  • Modder: Terraformer.
  • Accepts: Sugar beets, potato, and sugarcane.
  • Fermenting time: About two days.
  • Cost: 10,000.

A couple of tips about this mod: The pile of whatever you unload won’t deform as you are compacting. Try to make a nice pile for easier access with the compacting machinery.

There are no collisions in place to avoid spilling. Our tests indicate that one nice pile straight through the middle is best to prevent spilling. The maximum load to avoid overflow is somewhere around 50,000 liters.

Go to Download 1.8MB

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