HoT Fillable Tanks (Placeable)

Large Capacity Storage Tanks for FS19 Fluids (Slurry, Milk, and So On)

Here you have the HoT Fillable Tanks mod for Farming Simulator 19. Now, this is a mod that we’ve been waiting on for a long time. Finally, we have storage tanks for emptying tank trailers, sprayers and so on. Having a working storage option for all our liquids is great.

There’s a total of 8 different storage solutions in this pack. This is what you get, once you copy these mods to your mods folder:

  • Fillable diesel fuel station 10,000 liters.
  • Storage tank for slurry: 500,000 liters.
  • One, large slurry storage: 1 million liters.
  • Two digestate storage tanks: 500,000 liters and 1 million liters.
  • Storage facility for milk: 1 million liters.
  • Water tank: 1 million liters.
  • Tanks for liquid fertilizer and herbicide: 100,000 liters each.
Now this is an impressive set of storage tanks.

More info:

  • Mod: HoT Fillable Tanks (Placeable).
  • Modder: HoT Team.
  • Price: 5,000 to 45,000.

Attention: To fill the liquid fertilizer/herbicide tank, you need to use the modded Lizard MKS8 and KS32 that are included in the pack.

And yes, all mods are packed in one zip-file. You need to unzip the main file, then copy the contents of the folder to your mods folder.Many thanks to the HoT team for creating such a useful mod.

Go to Download 16MB

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