Placeable Woodchips Selling Point

A Handy Mod If Other Sales Points Are Too Far Away

Here’s a placeable FS19 mod – A sales point for woodchips. It’s actually quite handy. Let’s say that the only other woodchips selling point is on one side of the map, and your logging operations are situated on the opposite side.

Instead of hauling your goods over a longer distance, you can place this selling point much closer to where you are, saving you both time and some frustration…

Matching FS19 Prices

The selling price has been adjusted to match the amount you would get if you were to use the original selling point.

The selling point is somewhat huge. But we think the buildings just adds to the realism. The price isn’t too bad either. It’s only 50.000 for the whole shebang…

Polofreak 211

Again, it’s Polofreak211 who is the mastermind behind this mod. We give him credit for making a handy mod, that looks great almost everywhere.

We are happy that skilled modders like him keep pouring out one great mod after another.

Go to Download 3.8MB

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