Placeable Open Range Cow Pasture

When You Want The Moos to Roam Freely

Here you have a placeable open range cow pasture, made by GnG Modding. This Farming Simulator 19 mod is based on the fact that many places around the world, livestock animals don’t have, and don’t need, large buildings. This is particularly the case where the climate allows for it.

It’s a nice little mod that adds to the realism of Farming Simulator 19. And you don’t have to worry about milk or manure. You still get both, even with this open range pen.

Here are the facts:

  • The cost for this cow pen is 300,000
  • It has room for 200 cows.
  • Mod creator: G&G Modding

The pasture is pretty big. Make sure you have enough available space for it. Or use the landscaping tool to make room.

Go to Download – 29MB

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