Woodchips Trailer and Placeable Truck Dumper

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Nov 13 2019 - 14:12

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FS 19 addons showcase: The chip trailer and placeable truck dumper made available by Expendables Modding.

This is oneof the coolest Farming Simulator 19 addons I've used for a very long time. It'sactually two mods packed together. First, there's the non-self-unloading chiptrailer.

Then,there's the truck dumper, needed to empty the chip trailer.

And yes, this thing is real. You’ll see truck dumpers like this both in Canada and the United States. The video below is from a mill near Castlegar, Canada.


How to Use it

The truckdumper is placeable. The dumping pit includes a selling point for woodchips.

1. Back your trailer ontothe deck.

First, youneed to back your trailer and truck onto the dumper deck.

2. Unlock the trailer'srear door.

Now, unlockthe rear door of the trailer by pressing "X" (Unfold tipper)on your keyboard. This allows the door to swing freely while the woodchips fallinto the unloading pit.

3. Start tipping.

Get out of thetruck and activate the tipping action at the control station, close to thefront of the deck.

4. Enjoy the marvels ofmodding!

Voila! "Houston,We Have Lift Off!"

Trailer CustomizationOptions

The chiptrailer has some options for configurations inside the shop. You have plenty ofcolors to choose from for most of the exterior. You can also add extra lightsto it. Note that it will only carry woodchips, and nothing else.

The color options for the body of the trailer.

FS 19 Chip Trailer andTruck Dumper

The trailerand the placeable truck dumper are the results of fantastic modding. My jawdropped the first time I tried the combo. Thousands of kudos to the modders forcreating stunning mods.

Among otherthings, they have nailed the lift of the truck and the trailer. I’ve seen otherfs19 mods, like car lifts, that works nowhere as good as this ramp.

Here arethe specs for the chip trailer:

And thisis what you should know about the truck dumper:

Where to Download

Yes, thisaddon is all over the place, thanks to robot-sites that steals and repost modsas soon as they are available online. Still, I will urge you to get it from itssource, the Expendables Modding group on Facebook.

If you'renot already a member, you need to register first. It's worth it. Believe me.It's one of the best Farming Simulator groups on Facebook.

The button below opens the release post for the chip trailer and the dumper.

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Alternative Download link

You can also get this pack from the unofficial modhub. Click here.

We always use the modder's original download link when possible. Please let us know if there's a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outsrefe Giants’ Modhub.

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