Large Placeable Multi-Silo (500,000 Liters)

Download the Large Placeable Multi-Silo (500,000 Liters) – FS19 Mods

Now, you can download the sizeable placeable multi-silo for Farming Simulator 19. This is an edit of the vanilla farm silos. Giants version holds 200,000 liters of each crop. This modded silo has a capacity of 500,000 liters. And it accepts more stuff than Giants’ version.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can store: Wheat, barley, oats, canola, sunflower, soybeans, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, grass, hay, sugarcane, seeds, chaff, woodchips, silage, straw, fertilizer, manure, pigfood, lime, and total mixed ration. In other words, almost anything…

Some Important Facts

  • Mod: Large Placeable Multi-Silo.
  • Modder: Pandahma.
  • Capacity: 500,000 liters per fill type.
  • Price: 180,000.

There’s really not much more to say other than that the mod works great. It’s perfect when you want more storage than what Giants’ version provides. And when you want to store other stuff than the base game crops.

Go to Download 4.4MB

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