Part of the main farm in the Geiselsberg map

Geiselsberg (Seasons 19 Ready)

FS 19 mod map presentation: Geiselsberg by Max Wild. Scroll down to the bottom for the download guidance.

Here’s a long overdue look at one of the best, if not the best, map for Farming Simulator 19. The Geiselsberg map won the award for the best map during this year’s mod contest. It has now been updated, to be available on consoles. It’s also prepared for Seasons 19 (there’s snow covering the roofs! Yay!) This allows me to write about it finally.

Outstanding Mapping

It’s actually hard to find words that describe how great the Geiselsberg map is. It’s one of the best farm sim maps I’ve ever used, that’s for sure. It’s no wonder at all it won the map making contest.

I believe it’s Max Wild, that is the main mapper. This map brings him all the way to the top, besides realistic map-making legends like BulletBill and OxygenDavid.


The map is based on the real-world area surrounding the German village of Geiselsberg, not far from Nuremberg (Nürnberg.) Just look up “Geiselsberg, Haundorf” in Google maps to see the similarities.

It demonstrates the capabilities of the Giants Engine when extremely talented map makers go to work. I totally understand Giants Software’s philosophy behind creating the vanilla maps. Geiselsberg shows that it’s also possible to make fantastic, life-like maps, based on actual locations around the world.

An Idea for the Future

While playing this map, I’m thinking that Giants should hire external mappers for FS 21 (or whatever it will be…) Giants could take care of the maps for the casual players. The hired map makers would be responsible for making a couple of maps like Geiselsberg, catering to the hardcore farm simmers. All maps would be available at release, of course.

The main farm buildings are by far some of the best ever in the history of Farming Simulator Games.

About the Crane

The Stepa hay crane (inside the main barn) does work, kinda… You need to stand directly under it to enter. Oh, and remember to move it back to its initial position before leaving it. It’s pretty hard to enter it from the ground floor…

I couldn’t get it to move grass or hay. But when being careful, it’s possible to lift bales with it. Hopefully it’ll become more user-friendly in a future update.

Stunning Forests!

There are several forest areas on the map, with plenty of trees to cut. And they play nice with the GPU. No noticeable tree lag.

Having said that, this is a very detailed map. It might do some funky stuff to lower specced gaming computers.

The pig farm is located in the village.

While the sheep are held to the north.

There are two Biogas facilities (BGA.)

So many amazing details.

The forest roads are so life-like.

Yes, it’s ready for Seasons 19…

FS 19 Geiselsberg Map

I’m blown away by how great the Geiselsberg map is. And judging by how many Modhub votes it has received already, it’s clear that many Farming Simulator players want real-world based, realistic maps like this (Giants, I’m looking at you…) Here are more details about the map:

  • Map Name: Geiselsberg.
  • Credits: Max Wild, T0biifarming, FNB Modding, and SirJoki80.
  • Map size: Standard.
  • Number of fields: 63 fields.
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 114 farmlands.
  • Selling points: 6 selling points.
  • Additional crops: Triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye.)
  • Prepared for Seasons 19: Yes.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, and XB1.

Version – Manure System

(Updated March 31, 2020) I’ll say this is one of the top 3 maps for everyone looking for realistic FS 19 gameplay. Now, it’s even more realistic:

  • The new version has connection points that work with Wopster’s Manure System mod.
  • Geiselsberg also includes some minor fixes.
The latest version has several connection points for the Manure System mod hoses.

How to Download

If this map looks like something you want to try for yourself, just open the in-game modhub to download it. Or visit the official download page online (click on that blue button below.)

Go to Download

This mod is an official Modhub mod. Please, do the modder a favor and only download it from the in-game hub or from its official mod page on

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