Birkenfeld By the Baltic Sea 5.0 (Seasons 19 Ready)

A Nice Map with Small to Medium Sized Fields and Lots of Atmosphere

This is the Birkenfeld by the Baltic Sea mod map for Farming Simulator 19. It’s based on the northern parts of Germany. It’s one of the smallest maps we’ve tried out. It uses just over one-third of the size of a standard Giants map.

Update August 13, 2019: Now, it’s almost a full 2x map (see below.)

It’s a very well-made map. The mappers have obviously put a lot of effort into making the map as realistic as possible. We think they have succeeded. The Birkenfeld map has a lot of great atmosphere.

The fields are small and medium-sized, suitable for the smaller machinery. AI workers should be able to do a proper job on several of the fields. And you have two areas at your disposal for building your farm.

Here are a couple of facts:

  • Mod map name: Birkenfeld By the Baltic Sea.
  • 19 fields and some meadows.
  • 9 selling Points, including a sales point for bales and grass.
  • Modders: Polog4 & LS Paule

Version 2.0

The Birkenfeld map has reached version 2. This has changed or been added:

  • The map has new road textures and multiangle terrain.
  • Six new fields have been added, in addition to two new meadows, BGA and two new sales points.
  • Manure can now be bought from the livestock dealer. And lime can be purchased at the BayWa.

We enjoyed the narrow streets and tight corners. Looking for a driving challenge? Then this Farming Simulator 19 map might be what you are looking for.

Version 3.0 is Here

The Birkenfeld Map has reached version 3. This has changed since the last release:

  • The map has gotten 6 new fields and 5 fresh meadows.
  • A dairy farm has been added (an old, East German style dairy farm where the buildings and silos have been demolished. Now, you can buy it, and extend it.)
  • Forestry has also been added, plus selling points for wood.
  • The AI traffic drives faster, in addition to other fixes and improvements.

Version 4.0 is Here

The Birkenfeld map for FS19 keeps growing. Now, we’re at version 4. And a lot has changed since the last release. Here are some of the more noticeable changes.

  • There are 16 new fields and 2 meadows. There’s also a brand-new village (Wolgast.)
  • The PDA map has been updated to reflect the changes. There are also new textures for the water and vegetation.
  • Your starting farm has been updated. Same goes for the start machinery.

This version of the map needs to be unpacked. Inside the folder, you’ll find the mod map file that goes into your mods folder.

There’s also a PDF manual that works as your go-to guide for the Birkenfeld map. Although it’s in German you’ll still get a lot of help from it, thanks to the images.

Then there is the mapDE_trafficSystem.xml file…

Version 5.0 – One of the Best FS19 Maps

(Updated August 13, 2019) The Birkenfeld map has had a new growth spurt. With 17 new fields, 10 new pastures, and more buildings, it’s now almost a full 2x map. And that’s far from the only update.

Birkenfeld 5.0 has been adjusted to work with Seasons 19.

A couple of new selling points have been added, while the main farm has been extended with a cowshed, a sheepfold, a henhouse, one small silo, and bulk material storage.

Summer Farms

You can also buy two cow pastures and one sheep pasture, ideal for housing the animals in Summer before transporting them back to the main farm in winter.

IMPORTANT: You’ll need the farm buildings pack from BernieSCS to fully enjoy the updated version (download from Modding Welt.) And please remember that you need to unpack the Birkenfield file after downloading it. Then you just have to copy the actual map file to your mods folder.

No error or warnings discovered.

Alternative Traffic System

The AI traffic moves fast. But you can slow it down.

The Birkenfeld traffic has been speeded up. If you want to slow it down, you can do so by copying the included mapDE_trafficSystem.xml file into the map’s XML folder (../mods/FS19_Map_Birkenfeld/xml).

You might wanna make a backup of the original file first…

How to Download

We enjoy this map more and more. We’re sure you will too. Want to download it? Click the blue button below.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


  1. Hi, this map is the best map i’ve ever seen in my life – really!!! But i have a problem, cuz i can’t plant a tree. Is there any solution to this problem?? Help me, please 🙂 I installed mod to more trees but isn’t help

    • Thanks for commenting, Gibki92 🙂 Yes, there is a tree problem, according to this post on Thanks for reporting. To fix it, you have to do some XML editing.

      1. Make a safety backup of the map file somewhere on your computer.
      2. In your mods folder, unzip the map file.
      3. Open the folder and locate the treeTypes.xml file (FS19_Map_Birkenfeld/xml/treeTyps.xml)
      4. Now, open that file in a text editor, like Notepad++.

      In that XML file, there are six lines you need to edit. The lines contain these file references:


      You need to put a dollarsign ($) in front of the word “data” in each line, like this: filename=”$data/maps/trees/pine01.i3d”

      This will hopefully fix the problem. Now, save the file and zip the map file to its original state. Remember to use the same name as before for the zip file.

      • I LOVE YOU MAN!!! You are genius! It’s working. Thank you very much.I spent the whole week searching solution on web. I could have written question earlier xD Thanks once again. Have a nice day, week, year, all life my friend 😀

  2. The trees near field 24/25 are too strange .maybe too big ,no chance of cutting whit foresty mashines( no even wit moded jb or komatcho).the only solutuon is old classic way: chain saw.

  3. BGA dump trigger is a bit picky, you need to exercise caution when dumping things into the sell point with a loader because if you dump too far back over the sell point, it wont register and it’s just going to fall through the trigger and bunch up behind the sell point where you can’t pick it up. Since it annoys me an extreme amount, I’m now having to delete the BGA using the Giants Editor and adding a custom one, otherwise that silage heap is going to haunt me forever.

      • I did, but now I have the unpleasant situation of having to mod a loader bucket with immense range to pick up all this garbage. If you do contact the mappers, could you please tell them to give the entire map a once over, there are some clipping issues, for example the stairs to the left of the BGA sell point and the grains clipping through the back wall at D&S H1. And really in general, there might be just a bit too many objects in my opinion, especially in the farm area where there are like 4 wheelbarrows and various other forms of garbage scattered around. I think less is more, but that is up to them. But they definitely should get on top of the other issues.

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