The main farmyard on the Hof Bergmann map with the Seasons 19 logo

Hof Bergmann Map

Here you can download the Hof Bergmann Mod Map for Farming Simulator 19 (the download link is below.)

The FS19 version of Hof Bergmann is based on the Felsbrunn Map. The base map is still partly recognizable. But there are tons of changes.

Unpack First

The actual mod file is over 600 mb. And you have to unpack it. Then you copy the content from the unpacked folder into your FS19 mods folder.

Contents of the Pack:

  • Hof Bergmann Map
  • Hof Bergmann Map – Bale Storage Addon (only works in SP)
  • Various starting vehicles (there are some great gems here, including the John Deere Gator pack.)
This is your animal dealer.

Impressive Ingenuity

If you wonder how good a Farming Simulator map can be, just look at the FS19 Hof Bergman. It demonstrates what Giants Engine is capable of in the hands of extremely talented modders.

Almost all buildings and silos have interactivity.

There’s so much going on in this map. Like all the interactivity that has been built into the different tools and buildings. On top of that, the map looks stunning. It’s one of the most beautiful FS maps ever!

We honestly can’t understand why Farmer Andy and Ifkonator haven’t been hired by Giants by now.

FS19 Hof Bergmann Map

Here are some vital facts about this tremendous FS19 mod:

  • Map Name: Hof Bergmann.
  • Modder: Farmer Andy (scripts by Ifkonator.)
  • Map size: Standard (2×2)
  • Number of fields: 12.
  • Number of buyable farmlands: 30.
  • Selling points: 11.
You can expect more updates…

Please consider this the first map release for FS19 from me. And anyone who followed me in previous FS Games knows that you can expect more things in the following updates.

Despite many hours of testing could still have some errors. Please understand, even the main game is not error free.

Additional Information:
– Hot fixes for larger problems you receive in a timely manner.
– Larger updates of the map will take 1-2 months.

A very big thanks goes to Ifkonator who made the script technically possible for me.

Farmer Andy


(Update June 2019) The Hof Bergmann map has received a massive update since its first release. And yes, the changes require a new gamesave. Here are some of the highlights:

  • General price adjustments: Much could be bought cheaper and sold for more.
  • The capacity of cows at the cowshed is raised to 100 animals, while the cow capacity in pasture B has been reduced to 300 moos.
  • Sheep: Wool pallets have been replaced by handy wool bales known from the FS17 version of Hof Bergmann (500 liters per bale.)

There’s now possible to sell wood logs as well, and not only woodchips.

Download the Changelog (PDF)

There are so many changes and fixes going on that we can’t write about everything. That’s why we’ve made a PDF document with all of the changelog: Click here to download it.

How to Install

Download and unpack the file. All mods from the folder must be copied to your mods folder. An empty mod folder is recommended to avoid conflicts with other mods.

Protip: Simply rename your current mods folder to ‘mods1’ and create a new folder (‘mods’) for your Hof Bergmann mods…


(Update June 24, 2019) The version is here, and it’s patch 1.4 ready. Here are some of the fixes:

Your AI helpers are now able to spread compost, the milk cans spawn neatly, the missing l10n translation has been added to some of the silos, and the traffic spline near the animal dealer is fixed.

But that’s not all. Here are some additions as well:

  • The map now uses its own XMLs for localization, which simplifies translations. (German, English, French, and Polish languages are already installed.)
  • Handling of potatoes and woodchip bags have been improved, while greenhouses now also accept compost.

The John Deere Gator Pack and BaleStorageAddon

Both the Gator and its trailer are extended with a side-wall grid attachment. For the trailer, those extensions can be bought in the shop.

The Bale Storage Addon has also been updated to meet the requirements of the 1.4 patch from Giants.

Version – Seasons Ready (and Much More)

(Updated October 12, 2019) There’s a colossal update of the Hof Bergmann map available for you. First of all, it’s Seasons 19 ready. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So much has changed, so much new stuff has been added, I’ve made a separate page for it. If you want to dive deep into the latest version, just click here.

The Short Version

If you are happy with the short version, here it is:

  • GlobalCompany is now integrated with the map. There are lot of objects for it in the Placeable category.
  • All greenhouses have been rebuilt. All of them use the GlobalCompany script.
  • The vehicles are included with the map file now (still needs unpacking, though.) And there are new vehicles too, like a MAN truck.

You need to have GlobalCompany installed and activated in your mods folder. And even though the changelog doesn’t say so, I’m pretty sure you need a fresh gamesave for the updated version of the map.

TL;DR: It’s one of the best Farming Simulator maps ever, by the best map maker right now.

How to Download

Farmer Andy hosts this mod at Uploaded. Just click on the blue button under to get there.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

(Via LSFarming-Mods)


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  1. Hello Erik! My buddy and I are loving this map and have never seen anything like it! But, we have one question. Is the farm shop gate on a timer? or is there a trigger to open it? We have had trouble trying to figure out how to open it. Then, all of the sudden, when we moved the forklift at the shop, the gate opened. Any feedback or answers would be much appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hello, thank you for commenting and liking our map! We made it our goal to make sure you really had to put your thinking cap on to open the gate at the Vehicle Shop. Did you know that it’s impossible to drive the forklift out of the Shop area, also it’s unsellable?

      As you can tell we value our players and enjoy making these little frustrations for our players. Because at the end of the day Farming Simulator is just too relaxing and it needs more puzzles.
      Stay tuned as we will be pushing out more Updates very shortly to this map. Expect more puzzles and easter eggs!

      God Bless.

      • Thank you F. Andy for commenting 🙂 And thank you a thousand times for creating fantastic maps like Hof Bergmann. I love all those details. I puzzles me that Giants haven’t hired you yet, giving you top salary and a corner office 😉

  2. The various modders who developed and contributed elements to this map should be very proud. Astonishingly good!
    I thought I’d share a few notes on version

    1. The small cow yard over the road from the main farm will seemingly not accept TMR from a trailer, tipped from a bucket or poured from a bag (made using the bagger in the farm) at the feed ring. I could only get bales to work. I can’t see any other trigger areas there. Just feed them hay, it’s just as effective as TMR so no real problem.

    2. The horse paddock feed ring also only seems to takes bales. The menu indicates it also takes oats but I can’t get it to accept these. You only need to feed them hay so not a problem.

    3. The covered tip bunkers near the main silo have collisions on the left and right sides, but the back wall (where the air dryer vent are) do not. Product leaks out the back of the building if you tip too far back. Use the conveyor belt to hoover it back up if you can’t get it with a bucket.

    4. The covers on the compost pits are a bit peculiar. I filled the left bunker but found uncovering it only uncovered the front third. I had to go to the back of the pit and select uncover again, then I could get all of the compost out.

    5. Inside the farm shop, milk and butter seem to only sell when placed on the angled display shelf, or waved over it between 7-8pm. Anywhere else in the shop, they will remain unsold.

    6. If you put woodchips into the farmyard BigBag maker, it will put them in small plastic bags which can be moved by hand – ideal for stocking the shop or visiting homes.

    • Wow, Gary! Thanks for a great contribution to this page. I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to write down your experience with this map. It’s really helpful to the rest of us 🙂

  3. I’ve tried multiple times to take the cattle to the butcher but it said “this animal is Not accepted here”

  4. I gotta say wow just wow. This map makes me feel like a true farmer. The level of detail and interaction is mindblowing. These modders make BulletBill and Oxygendavid look like amateurs(no offense to those modders). These guys should be working at Giants for sure.

  5. bonjour je trouve pas le triger pour vendre les tronc pourriez vous m’expliquer ou il ce trouve svp

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