CN Nadal R-90 Telescopic, Front Mounted, Rake

By Yesmods

Nov 05 2019 - 11:24

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FS19 modspresentation: The CN Nadal R-90 front mounted, telescopic rake by JavierZzsand Toymatao (IberModding.)

Want tomake bales more efficient in Farming Simulator 19? Then put this impressiveNadal rake to the front of your tractor, and a baler behind it.

The workingwidth is more than 17 meters. It has no problems merging two windrows createdby a combine with the Draper 45 feet header to the front.

Not 100% Realistic

It’s theSpanish company CN Nadal that makes the real-world R-90 rake. The company isknown for creating rakes to be mounted on balers. If you look at pictures ofthe actual rake, it’s easy to see how the Farming Simulator 19 version looksvery much like the real thing.

The telescopic functionality and the impressive span of the FS 19 version is the result of artistic freedom. The widest, real-life, rake has a span of 12 meters. Here’s a video of it:

Color Options

The NadalR-90 is straightforward to use. Just unfold it and watch how it extends to itsfinal working width. Just be aware of its weight, especially when folded fortransport. If you’re not using, let’s say, a baler, to counter the heaviness,it might be a good idea to hook up a weight to the rear of the tractor.

The Nadalrake has a lot of color options for parts of the rake. Note that some elementswill stay green no matter what colors you choose.

FS 19 CN Nadal R-90

The front-mountedNadal rake is another superb addon from the great modders of Iber Modding. It’sbeneficial when you need to do a lot of raking, baling fast. It did not produceany errors, but it might wobble slightly when you detach it.

And now,the facts:

Where to Download

Sharemods is the official host for the telescopic Nadal R-90. When you click that blue button under, you’ll get to the official download page.

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