The Holzer Mod Map

One of the Best European Mod Maps for FS19

Here’s an opportunity to download the Holzer European mod map for Farming Simulator 19. This is a close to a real-life replica of the small Village Holz in the spectacular Tegernseer valley, Germany.

The modder has used imagery and data from Google Earth to make the map look as much as the real thing as possible. And the effort has paid off. It’s a beautiful map with a fantastic atmosphere.

Holzer Mod Map Data

The Holzer PDA Map.

The Holzer map was first released for FS17. Now it has made the transition to Farming Simulator 19. Here are some of the most critical information:

  • Map Name: Holzer.
  • Modder: Ludimusi.
  • Map size: Standard (2×2 km.)
  • Buyable Lands: 63.
  • Number of fields: 38.
  • Selling points: 7.

Some of the things that strike us about the map are all the forests. Yes, there are plenty of fields here. But also, vast areas where fans of logging will have a great time.

To make the most out of your time in the forests we suggest that you install the More Trees mod from LS Modcompany.

Other than forestry, the map is perfect for animal husbandry. Most of the fields are grass fields when you start a new game. And the modder has edited some of the base game animal rules, making keeping cows, sheep, and pigs more fun.

An ideal map for dairy farming.

Custom Lighting

The in-game lighting has been improved especially for the Holzer Map. The modder has taken advice from the legendary mapper BulletBill to make the days and nights look more natural.

The fields have also gotten the multi-terrain angle update.

Holzer Map Manual

Kudos to the modder for making a manual for his map. Because each courtyard is designed differently, the triggers positions vary. The manual is there to help you find your way around. It helps you find everything you need.

Although the manual is written in German, it’ll still make it easier to locate all the triggers and selling points, thanks to the pictures.

Version 1.1.1 – Seasons 19 + Much More

(Updated August 4, 2019) The great Holzer map has reached Seasons 19 ready status. And that’s not the only change that has happened since the last time we visited the map. There’s much more in the changelog. But let’s concentrate on Seasons first.

  • A proper Seasons snow mask has been created for all the objects found within the items.xml file (this file contains settings for many of the map’s buildings, for example.)
  • Map border’s visuals actually change going from one season to another. And the vegetation (bushes and trees) have been converted to the correct texture format.
  • Many objects change with the seasons like there are no ships during winter. And the beer garden and the cheese factory are closed when it’s colder outside.

New Farm Building

There’s a new farm building at one of the farms. It’s made by the modder called farmerfivetom.

This building is really nice. It has lots of animations and cool details. It’s also prepared for Seasons (notice what happens to the roof when it snows…)

Script Removal

The setAnimalCapacity script has been nulled in the Holzer map moddesc. It’s not compatible with Seasons 19.

If you want to play the map without Seasons, and use the script, this is what you need to do:

  1. Unzip the map.
  2. Open the unzipped folder and look for the file moddesc.xml.
  3. Reactivate <sourceFile filename="scripts/setAnimalCapacity.lua" /> by removing the <!-- and the -->.
  4. Save the file, re-zip the map folder using the exact same map name, and you’re good to go.

FPS Booster

Perhaps the best update is the inclusion of the ClipDistanceFPS script. This was a lifesaver back in FS17. It’s the first time I have seen it in FS19.

In short, the script reduces the in-game visibility of everything inside halls and sheds. The result is often a noticeable jump in FPS. I can only hope that Giants make this a standard feature in their games, or that the script will be released as a standalone mod.

Version 1.2 – More Realistic Seasons

(Updated September 15, 2019) With the new update, the Holzer map has become one of the most realistic maps for Seasons 19. Now, also the deco foliage (bushes and wildflowers), change colors and appearance during the year.

And several of the buildings get snow on their roofs during winter.

There are also other changes and addons:

  • Some buildings have new textures while tip collisions, and some triggers, have been improved further.
  • New objects, based on the real-world location, have been added. There’s also a new chicken enclosure and a hay dryer installed in one of the barns – needs the GlobalCompany script.

Several Options for Cows

Are you playing with Seasons 19? The Holzer map is now designed to follow a yearly cycle that’s common in many parts of Europe. During winter, the animals are kept inside the barn, which has all standard functions except for water.

The winter barn uses static cows because it’s so small.

In the rest of the year, they can be transported (with livestock trailers) to the nearby grass pastures or to the mountain meadow away from the farm. Most fields have all functions while the mountain version doesn’t have straw, manure, slurry, or milk. There are also cattle buying triggers at almost all of the pastures.

There’s an error within the SeasonsGrazing.lua file in the current version of Seasons. There will be an update soon. You can either wait for the update or try the fixed version already available on the Realismus Modding Gitlab. If you choose the latter, be 100% sure that you know what you’re doing.

In other words: If you’re NOT a techie (I’m not…), it’s best to wait for the official update.

Version – New Roads, New Seasons Textures

(Updated January 31, 2020) A new version of the fantastic Holzer map is available for download. It looks better than ever, especially if you’re using it with the Seasons 19 mod.

Here’s the new stuff:

  • Holzer has support for the MaizePlus and the MaizePlus CCM extension.
  • Bushes loose leaves in the Winter, while conifers, like pine trees, get covered with a white layer of snow, frost.
  • Old version roads are out and replaced by better-looking models with rounded edges.

Seasons Textures Adjustment

The new Holzer map corrects the foliage textures switch. For example, Autumn textures are used from early Autumn to late Autumn. In the older versions, the switch happened mid-Autumn.

When you now start a new gamesave, in early spring, it will look like early spring and not late winter…

Unpack First

You can’t just download the Holzer map to your FS19 mods folder. You need to unpack it first, using something like 7-Zip. Inside the folder you’ll find this:

  • The map ( – Put this in your mods folder.)
  • Holzer Mod Map manual.
  • An alternative version of the map with more focus on agriculture (mapDE.i3d and mapDE.i3d.shapes.)
  • A defaultItems.xml file needed for Multiplayer.

To use the alternative map version, you need to replace the original mapDE.i3d and mapDE.i3d.shapes files with the ones you find in the folder. Be sure to make a backup of the map first…

How to Download

Do you want to try out this beautiful map? Just press the big and blue button under. It brings up the modder’s own download page for the map.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


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        • Thanks, Bogy 🙂 Sorry for being unclear. It’s a grass meadow located in the south-west of the map. You can bring your cattle there, using a livestock trailer. You can also buy them from the animal trigger just inside the gate.

          If you put cows inside this pasture, they won’t produce milk (there’s no water through.) I belive it’s better to use it for meat production.

          • Ohh, okay. Thank you. One more question. There is mentioned that animal are kept in the barn over winter. But that there is no water trigger (lack of space). But how does that work ? I mean, where do we fill the water then ? I mean, in seasons animals die. They need water. Sorry, i didnt have enough time to explore this, so thats why im asking. Thank you for your answers 🙂

          • Hi Bogy, how are you? If you check the pen information for the “winter” barn you’ll notice that the water fill level is gone. I guess this means that the water requirement has been cancelled out. This is what the manual says (translated from German): “Since the water pipes are already laid in the stable, there is no water trigger here!”

            Hope this helps 🙂

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