EnhancedVehicle Script Mod

Makes Operating FS19 Vehicles and Tools Much More Realistic

Here you have the EnhancedVehicle script for Farming Simulator 19. Do you remember the driveControl mod from FS17? Well, this FS19 mod adds many of the same functions to our games.

Here’s what it does:

  • It gives every vehicle a shuttle mode – You can manually switch driving directions (reverse and forward.)
  • Adds more drive modes – You now have differential locks, 4-wheel drive, rear-wheel or front-wheel drive.
  • Hydraulics control – The mod also lets you operate the front and rear hydraulics separately.

In addition to all this, you will get an extended HUD with much more detailed information about the weight, damages, fuel tank level, fuel consumption, engine speed, and temperature.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts (these can be reassigned in the input bindings menu.)

  • Space = Shuttle shift – Change the driving direction.
  • Control-left + Space = Shuttle shift on or off (per vehicle.)
  • ‘Insert­’ or ‘Delete’ = Puts the vehicle in forward or reverse.
  • ‘End’ = Handbrake on or off
  • KeyPad 7 = Differential lock front axle on or off
  • KeyPad 8 = Differential lock rear axle on or off
  • KeyPad 9 = Change driving mode (4-wheel drive, RWD, FWD.)
  • KeyPad / = Reset HUD positions.
  • KeyPad * = Reloads the XML configuration and activate changes without having to restart the game.
  • Left Ctrl + 1 to 4 = Lift or lower front and rear hydraulics, plus implements on or off.

Some short facts:

  • Mod: EnhancedVehicle.
  • Mod creator: Zhool.
  • Platform: PC.

New in Version 1.6.

It’s now possible to raise or lower both the front and the rear hydraulics separately. You can assign your own buttons for this in the input bindings menu.

Now, it’s also possible to turn attached implements on or off separately. All it takes for this to work is that you have 4 available buttons on your keyboard, that don’t have assignments. (The default keyboard shortcuts for the new functions are Left Ctrl + 1 to 4.)

New in version 1.5.

The EnhancedVehicle mod now has a shuttle mode. By pressing the spacebar on the keyboard, you can now drive forward or put your vehicle in reverse. You can disable the shuttle function by pressing Left Ctrl + Space. Other functions:

  • ‘Insert’ button = Forward.
  • ‘Delete’ button = Reverse.

It’s also possible to use a parking brake with your vehicle now. To activate the parking brake, you can press the ‘End’ key.

Version – Minor Update

(Update April 14, 2019) There’s a new version of the mod available. It’s a minor upgrade that fixes a bug that causes a log error. And the modDesc file have been reworked.

When updating the mod

The mod creator recommends that you reset the XML configurations after updating the mod. When you do that, you ensure that all new functions, that are incorporated in the new version, is available for you when start using the mod in-game

Go to Download 115KB

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


Q: Where do I find the XML config file if I want to change something?

A: Here: ..\My Games\FarmingSimulator2019\modsSettings\TSX_EnhancedVehicle\TSX_EnhancedVehicle.xml

Q: Do I have to restart the game after every change in the XML Config?

A: No, most settings can be activated directly by pressing Numpad *. Just make sure you’ve saved the XML file.

Q: I changed something in the config, reloaded the XML, but it doesn’t work somehow?

A: Switch to another vehicle. Or get out and back in again in your current one. Some changes only become active then.

Q: The shuttle function doesn’t work!

A: Did you turn it on? Press Left Ctrl + Space. The symbols (a circle and two triangles) to the left of the speedometer should become clear once the function is activated.

Q: The HUD looks broken!

A: Press KeyPad / to reset everything.

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