Place Anywhere Mod

Gives You a Lot More Freedom with FS19 Placeable Objects

This is the simple, yet highly effective Place Anywhere FS19 mod. It does what the name implies: It lets you place objects almost anywhere on your Farming Simulator 19 maps. The only requirement is that you own the land.

With Farming Simulator 19, the popularity of placeable objects rocketed. The ‘Build-your-farm-from-scratch’ system created a massive demand for placeable objects.

The ‘problem’ is that most objects have collision masks. These masks make it impossible to drive or walk through a wall, for example. They also make it hard to place two objects close to each other. And this is where the FS19 Place Anywhere mod comes in.

The mod eases the collision restriction without breaking the physical collision. The result? You can now place objects much closer. In fact, you can put one object inside another.

A short quickie:

  • Mod name: Place Anywhere.
  • FS19 Modder: Napalm00.

How to Download: Visit the mods release page on Github (click the button below.) Then look for the “Latest Release” tag and the file that says This is the file you need to download to your mods folder.

Go to Download – 10.3KB

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