MaizePlus & MaizePlus CCM Extension

Farming Simulator 19 mod presentation: The MaizePlus and MaizePlus CCM add-ons, created by The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher.

This script mod makes your game even more realistic. You know how everything turns into chaff when you put it into bunker silos, right?

Well, this mod adds several different types of silage to the game, simulating how it is in the real world. It also adds another way to feed the pigs.

Adds New Silage Types.

Chaff is the Farming Simulator label for everything that turns into silage. With the MaizePlus mod, you’ll see a wider variety, both in what goes into the bunkers and what comes out of them.

First, there’s the whole crop silage (Wcs.) Everything you harvest and put into the bunker silos, other than grass and corn, will become whole crop silage.

Fresh and fermented whole crop silage.

The second silage type comes from corn. When you chop corn, it will become Fresh Shopped Maize instead of chaff.

Fresh and fermented heaps of chopped corn.

Then, there’s silage grass. When you use a forage harvester to collect grass, the output will be silage grass.

The grass silage, before and after fermentation.

Note that all the new silage types still can be fed to cows and used to create TMR.

Silage is still silage. Your cows will enjoy all three types.

New Textures

So, in short, the game now has three new silage types, depending on what you are harvesting. It’s worth mentioning that The-Alien-Paul has created new and great-looking textures for each type.

You can bale each feed, as well, except for the raw CCM. You can use any baler to create silage bales of the fresh materials instead of covering them in the bunker.

CCM (Corn Cub Mix)

Another feature of the MaizePlus and MaizePlus CCM add-ons is that you can turn harvested corn into CCM. CCM is short for Corn Cob Mix. CCM is energy-rich and is used in pig and cattle fattening in the real world. In FS19, you can use it to feed the pigs. This is how you do it:

1. Harvest corn, using a standard harvester.

First, you’ll need some corn.

2. Create CCM raw (corn flour) from the corn, using the GlobalCompany CCM mill.

The GlobalCompany CCM mill turns corn into raw CCM.

3. Fill a bunker silo with the freshly made corn flour.

Use a bunker silo to start fermenting the raw CCM.

From here, treat the raw CCM as regular silage. After you have compacted and fermented the raw CCM, it will become CCM for your pigs to enjoy. And no, you can’t make bales out of the CCM.

CCM can be used together with corn to make your pigs happy.

Automatic Content Switch

Another cool feature is how the silo bunker content changes depending on what you fill it with. The requirement is that the silo bunker content is less than 4,000 liters.

Let’s say you have 3,000 liters of raw CCM in the silo. But instead, you want to fill the bunker with grass silage.

No problem! Just unload your first load of grass into the bunker, and the raw CCM will transform into the new filltype.


There are some limits to the mods. We need to talk about heightType limits. heightType limits set the rule for how many types of material you’re allowed to tip on the ground in Farming Simulator 19, with the material being stuff like wheat, corn, and chaff.

  • The base game has 31 heightType slots. The standard FS19 crops and materials occupy 23 of those.
  • MaizePlus adds 4 new heightTypes, and MaizePlus CCM adds another 2.

The total, 29 (23 from the base game and 6 from the MaizePlus addons,) is within the limits of 31.

But if you’re playing on a map with additional fruits, like triticale and alfalfa, the mod might not work due to too many heightTypes. The exception is maps with modified heightType limits.

This pile of corn is is one of the heightTypes.

Works with Seasons 19, But…

The MaizePlus addons work with Seasons 19. But here’s the thing: Seasons 19 adds even more heightTypes to the mix. Having all addons activated won’t work if the map hasn’t been modded to allow more materials on the ground. Here are the numbers:

  • Base game – 23 heightTypes.
  • MaizePlus – 4 materials.
  • MaizePlus CCM – 2 heightTypes.
  • Seasons 19 – 3 heightTypes.

This gives us a total of 32 heightTypes, or one too many for the base game limits. The trick is to use just the MaizePlus addon and leave the CCM extension out.

Video Introduction

If you’re more of a visual learner (like me), you should know that The-Alien-Paul has created a short video guide to both addons. Click here to view it.

FS19 MaizePlus and MaizePlus CCM

I think that both MaizePlus add-ons are excellent. They add a great deal of realism to the game. I especially appreciate that the modders also have taken the time to create new textures, as well.

P.S. The-Alien-Paul and Modelleicher advise against using their add-ons together with the More Bunkersilo mod by Derelky, as the combination might cause some problems for you in the game.

Where to Download

You can get both MaizePlus mods from the modhub inside the game. You can also open the official download page over at (click the blue button.)

Download the MaizePlus addon:

Go to Download

Download the MaizePlus CCM extension:

Go to Download

This mod is an official Modhub mod. Please, do the modder a favor and only download it from the in-game hub or from its official mod page on


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  1. With upcoming update we’ll make an overdo of the whole feedingsystem ( no new savegame needed )
    We first had to get the HeightTypes updates out there, to make sure, the next step will be save to play.
    It will be much more worth to feed after the update, stay tuned <(°°)y

    • They were all enabled in the savegame – I’d triple checked the CCM mod was enabled. I went back to my test mod folder, cleared it and then downloaded them all again. I now have CCM working and all the fill types are present. Don’t know what was up! I don’t think it was a conflict, it was almost empty of other mods.
      Given that CCM in the pig pen is equivalent to corn, I presume the benefits of producing CCM are to be able to use an alternative foodstuff, and that the mill gives a fractionally higher output volume so your corn goes a little bit further.

  2. Hy Gary, yes I guess you missed the same I did 😀 Get in the Tractor and push R for loading when you are below the pipe with an trailer. It does not unload automatically.
    br Paul the Alien

    • Thanks but no, it won’t work. Already tried it. There is something missing on my setup because the mill has no output type registered for some reason. I have no option to output into a trailer because in my savegame there is no output function on the mill. GC menu shows an input, absolutely nothing on the output. Double checked and the MaizePlus CCM extension is enabled on this savegame but it doesn’t seem to give me CCM filltypes..?

      I watched your vid to see how it should function, there is definitely something different happening with my mill.

  3. Curous about this mod, but I’ve had absolutely no luck getting it to work. I’ve run up Ravenport with just Global Company, the CCM mill, MaizePlus and the Easy Dev Commands as a test, but the CCM mill has no output, only a maize input. I see on YouTube that it is supposed to have a raw CCM output – my output is blank. Mods all come from Giants and are up to date as of today.
    Am I missing something?

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