Reversing Indoor Camera Script

This FS19 Script Makes Backing Up You Vehicle Easier

This is the Reversing Indoor Camera script for Farming Simulator 19. This FS 19 mod is made by Kenny456. And it makes reversing your tractor, truck, combine, or whatever you’re driving, much more comfortable.

Have you ever played Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator? Have you noticed how the indoor camera is able to turn backward, out of the truck for easier reversing? It’s almost like putting your head out of the window, turning it to see what’s going on behind you.

Well, the Reversing Indoor Camera mod does the same in FS19. It’s a smart script that makes reversing with the indoor camera activated both easy and fun.

This is what the indoor camera looks like, with the reverse cam it’s activated.
  • The camera activates once you turn the indoor camera to the left.
  • You can alter the camera position to fit any vehicle. The position will be saved once you save the game.
  • The reversing camera can be turned on or off, either per vehicle or on a global basis.
  • You can also activate the camera for looking right.

Here are the controls:

  • Numpad – (minus) Move camera out.
  • Numpad + Move camera in.
  • Numpad * Move camera forward.
  • Numpad / Move camera backward.
  • Numpad 0 Show / hide F1 help.
  • Numpad . Reset reversing camera position.
  • Middle Mouse Button Center indoor camera view
  • Left Ctrl + R Turn on or off camera functions for current vehicle.
  • Left Ctrl + Left Alt + R Turn camera on/off globally (for all vehicles.)

It’s a great mod. Finally, it’s possible to reverse a truck, for example, without having to tab into third person view. Kenny456 is available for feedback at

Go to Download – 13KB

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