John Deere 2623 5 Section Disk (Plow)

The Best Version of the JD 2623 for Farming Simulator 19

It’s time to introduce the John Deere 2623 5 section disk for Farming Simulator 19. This great FS 19 mod does a magnificent job plowing your fields. And a work width of 15 meters means less work on you.

It’s Taylor Farms that has benefited us with this great equipment. He has done a conversion of his own FS17 mod. This is what he has done to make it FS19 ready:

  • The implement is now painted in true John Deere green.
  • It has gotten FS19 tires instead of the older ones.
  • There’s also a rear hitch option available.

There are three versions: Basic, with crumblers or with spike teeth.

A short summary:

  • Mod: John Deere 2623 5 Section Disk
  • Category: Plows.
  • Base price: 95,000.
  • Work width: 15 meters.
  • Working speed: 15 kph / 9 mph.
  • Required power: 400 HP.
  • Modder: Taylor Farms.

It’s an excellent mod. Much better than any other version that’s out there. When you need a great looking, well-functioning John Deere disk plow for your farm, look no further.

How to Download

Want this mod in your mods folder? Just click on the blue button below to start the download process.

Go to Download (37.8MB)

The modder’s original link for this mod has disappeared. That’s why we have uploaded it to a non-pay-per-download server (Amazon S3.) If you’re the modder, and want us to update the link, please let us know.

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