Maschio Gaspardo Gabbiano Power Harrow (6M)

A Nice Italian Power Harrow – Work Width 6 Meters

Here’s the Maschio Gaspardo Gabbiano power harrow for Farming Simulator 19. With a working width of 6 meters, it’s a nice match for smaller to medium sized fields. And it works as a cultivator.

Here are some relevant facts about this mod:

  • Mod: Maschio Gaspardo Gabbiano Power Harrow.
  • Modder: MarcoFiat850.
  • Price: 30,000.
  • Required power: 200 HP.
  • Working width: 6 meters.
  • Working speed: 14 kph / 8 mph.

The mod is based on the real-life version of the Italian made power harrow (nice to see some Italian equipment in FS19 too.) It’s a good mod. But there are some errors in the log though. But nothing that breaks your game.

Oh, we almost forgot…. You have to turn on the harrow for it to do its job (just press B on your keyboard.)

Go to Download 18.7MB

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