Moheda M91 Timber Trailer

By Yesmods

Mar 10 2020 - 11:51

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New FarmingSimulator 19 mod showcase: The Moheda M91 timber trailer, created by T-Boneof the North Modding Company.

I’m a massive fan of forestry in the Farming Simulator games. In FS19, Ihave so much fantastic gear to work with, thanks to the North Modding Company (NMC.)I’m blown away by both the quantity and quality of the mods released bythat team.

Now, one of its team members, T-Bone, has released a perfect timbertrailer for small scale forestry. The Moheda 91 is a stunning FS19 replica ofthe real-world trailers made by the Swedish company Moheda.

M91in the Game

I don’t know how, but it seems NMC has cracked the “Grapple Code.”Working with FS19 logs is much easier than what it used to be in, let’s sayFS2015. Still, log handling can be quite challenging, depending on whichgrapple you use.

The latest NMC grapples handle logs better than most, which also is true forthe “Gripen” grapple that comes with the Moheda trailer.

And recommended log lengths? I wouldsay up to six, or possibly seven, meters.

The Gripen grapple works really well.


So, picking up logs is less painful with the Moheda trailer, but that’snot the only cool thing. You can offset the trailer whilehauling it in the woods, which makes it easier to navigate around tightclusters of trees or log piles.

You can offset the trailer to the left or to the right.

You can also move the double axle forward or backward. The middle stanchionfollows along. This feature is useful for two things:

  1. It will beeasier to unload the logs if you use a front loader or a wheel loader.
  2. You’ll geta better load balance if you’re loading the trailer with longer logs.

Just toggle between the trailer control groups (by pressing “G” onyour keyboard, or see the help menu on consoles) to get to the trailer options.

You can move the axle and the middle stanchion for easier access and load balance.

MohedaM91 FS 19 Mod Specs

I’m so grateful for all the marvelous mods by the North Modding Company.The team members have managed to make forestry both fun and more accessible fora lot of players. The Moheda trailer is another example of how talented themodding team is.

Whereto Download

Just open the in-game modhub to download the Moheda M91 logging trailer. The blue button takes you to its mod page on the FS website.

Go to DownloadThis mod is an official Modhub mod. Please, do the modder a favor and only download it from the in-game hub or from its official mod page on

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