John Deere 690 Large Square Baler

FS19 mods presentation: The John Deere 690 large square baler, built from scratch by the ARM Team.

This is one of the best John Deere large baler addons for Farming Simulator 19. It has been around in several of the earlier games. I’m so happy it’s back in ’19.

There’s no price for pointing out the resemblance to the Krone Big Pack 120-80. This is what I’ve heard: Back in the days, John Deere bought some designs of Krone. A blueprint, that became the 690, was one of them.


There’s not much you can configure. What you see is what you get. Yes, there are a couple of color options for the tires. But that’s all.

I have no problems accepting the shortage of customization options. The JD baler looks stunning as it is.

FS 19 John Deere 690

I feel lucky, right here, right now. I’m living in times where great modders make fantastic addons for my favorite game. I’m grateful for talents like the ARM (Agricultural and Racing Modding) Team, especially for bringing older farming equipment to the game.

And now, some details about the John Deere baler:

  • Brand: John Deere.
  • Credits: ARM-Team.
  • Category: Baling Technology.
  • Base price: 12,000.
  • Working speed: 20 kilometers per hour | 12 miles per hour.
  • Accepts: Hay, straw, and grass.
  • Capacity: 4,000 liters.
  • Required power: 115 horsepower.
  • Selectable colors: Yes, there’s a couple of options for the wheel rims.
  • Selectable wheels: No.
  • Errors: No.
  • Platforms: PC, Mac, PS4, and XB1.

Where to Download

The John Deere 690 square baler has been inducted into the official Modhub. You can get it in-game or by opening the download page online (click the blue button.)

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