Ropa Harvesters Pack (Panther 2 & Tiger 6 XL)

By Yesmods

May 17 2019 - 10:41

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Here you can download the Ropa Harvesters Pack (modified Panther 2 & Tiger 6 XL)for Farming Simulator 19.

The packincludes reworked versions of the Panther 2 and Tiger 6 XL with separateheaders for each crop. The pack createsits own shop category.

FS19 Ropa Harvesters Pack

Here are some essential facts about this FS19 mod pack:

Bothharvesters work with sugar beets. They will also harvest potato, carrots,onions, and garlic.

Perfect for MultifruitMaps

The Ropa packis useful when you want the harvesters to double as both sugar beet and potatoharvesters. And they are an excellent choice for maps with additional rootcrops like carrots and onions.

Just beaware that you'll get a log warning if not all crops are installed on the map.

The Ropa Headers

Eachharvester has its own header. Both the RR 6x45 (for the Panther) and the RR-XL 9x45 (for the Tiger) are included. The working widths are 2.7 and 4meters respectively. And the working speed is 12 kph / 7 mph.

In order tomake the pack a tad more realistic, there are headers for each crop. You can'tuse the same header for all fruits.

How to Download

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