Yes, the FS19 Millennial Farmer Map is Still Happening

By Yesmods

Feb 10 2020 - 10:30

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The last time I wrote about the Millennial Farm map for Farming Simulator 19, was before the 2019 Mod Contest. The map was intended for an entry in the contest but was postponed. There has since been concerns among a lot of players that the map wouldn’t be released at all.

But the mapwasn’t canceled. The work goes on. Mappers Paradise, the team that is makingthe map, has now and then teased us with impressive images of what’s coming.

Last night, the team released a video, showcasing what will be the vehicle shop when the map arrives, the Midwest Machinery shop. And boy, it looks incredible!

No Release Date

To everyonewho is wondering when the Millennial Farm map will be released: The releasewill happen when it’s ready. It might happen later this month, or in March, ormaybe even later.

From what I can understand, the goal is to release the map on all platforms. If I’m going to judge the map by the temporary PDA, it will most definitely be worth the wait. (Please be aware that the map layout may change before release.)

Here's a link to the Facebook post showcasing the PDA.


Just after releasing last night's video, Mappers Paradise used a Facebook post to tell about players harassing both the team and Zach Johnson, the Millennial Farmer himself. The bullying is caused by the map’s delay

This makesme sad. Yes, I know a lot of players want this map yesterday. But wantingsomething doesn’t give anyone the right to act like jerks.

To be clear:

WhyMapping Takes So Long

Making aFarming Simulator 19 map takes time. The process can go on for weeks or months,even if you’re using prefabricated buildings, roads, and other objects.

The MappersParadise members are some of the really few modders who create most of themodels on the map from scratch.

Creating asimple shed can take a couple of days if you’re going to do everythingyourself. Making a grain silo complex, like the one below, includes a lot morework.

So please,let the team use all the time it needs to complete the Millennial map. I’m confidentit will be well worth remaining patient for.

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