A Huge Bale Shredder is Coming from Blacksheep Modding

By Yesmods

Feb 17 2020 - 09:33

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The amazing Blacksheep Modding (BSM) is working on one of the biggest Farming Simulator bale shredders I’ve ever seen. The Lizard Big Raptor shredder will have a capacity of 32,000 liters!

In case youare new to the game, you can use bale shredders to cut up bales of straw, whilea blower throws the straw into animal pens to create beddings for the livestock.

8 Bales

I’ve neverseen FS bale shredders that accepts more than two bales at a time. BSM’smonster has room for eight, which is the same as 32,000 liters of straw! Theshredder and blower are, in other words, perfect for large scale farming operations.

It seems you can unfold the side walls to create a couple of loading platforms, which is clever. Four bales fit on each platform. You can use BSM’s Lizard Spino bale grabber to make the loading easier. Then (I guess) you can fold the walls and start shredding.

I've not seen information about a release date yet. You can follow BSM on Facebook for updates.

The platforms can be loaded with four bales each. Credits: Blacksheep Modding.

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