Case IH Precision Disk 500 Air Drill (40FT & 60FT)

This is An Impressive Combo – You Get Two Case IH Air Drills & an Air Cart

Here’s the Case IH Precision Disk 500 Air drill, with an air cart, for Farming Simulator 19. This FS19 mod is brought to you by the Danish Power Modder KMN Modding. It’s an exceptionally well made mod, suitable for large scale, digital farming.

This is what you get:

  • Two Case IH air drills: 40 feet and 60 feet.
  • One Case IH air cart.

Here are some of the facts about this pack:

  • Air Drill 40ft price: 128,066.
  • The price for the 60ft air drill: 202,618.
  • The air cart costs 98,000.
  • Work widths: 40 feet/12.1 meters – 60 feet/18.3 meters.

The really cool thing about this pack is that you can put the cart behind the air drills, or between the tractor and the drills. And you can choose between tracks or wheel for the cart.

Go to Download – 24.3MB

One Comment

  1. It is a very nice seeder. Very well done with no error in the log. BUT, it is not AI worker friendly at all. So it does not suit at all my style of gameplay (huge fields with 4 or 5 AI workers at the same time+ follow me mod enabled). Too bad, because I like this seeder !

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