Kuhn GA9531 Windrower (Mouse Control)

By Yesmods

Mar 14 2020 - 12:42

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New FarmingSimulator 19 mod: The mouse-controlled Kuhn GA9531 windrower, modded by Polofreak211.

This is a moddedversion of the base game’s windrower. It lets you control each roto separately witha mouse or a console controller, much like rakes are operated in real-worldfarming.

The benefit?It’s easier to avoid ruining already completed swaths, for example, duringtight turns.

Kuhn GA9531 FS19 Mod Specs

How to Download

You can get the Kuhn windrower by opening the modhub inside the game. PC and Mac players also have the option to download it from the Farming Simulator website. The blue button opens it.

Go to DownloadThis mod is an official Modhub mod. Please, do the modder a favor and only download it from the in-game hub or from its official mod page on Farming-Simulator.com.

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