MAN TGX 26.440 Animal Transport Truck

A Great FS19 Animal Transport Truck

Here you can download the MAN TGX 26.440 animal transport truck for Farming Simulator 19. It’s called a concept truck. But it’s not far from reality. There are MAN trucks out there that almost look identically to this FS19 mod.

Here’s the most of what you need to know:

  • Mod: MAN TGX 26.440 Animal Transport Truck.
  • Modder: DTS_Modding.
  • Price: From 180,000.
  • Engine choices: 5.
  • Power: 440 to 840 HP.
  • Top speed: 49 mph / 80 kph.
  • Capacity: 12 Cows, 12 horses, 15 pigs, or 24 sheep.

You’ll find the truck under the ‘Truck’ category, and not the ‘Animals’ category, where some might start looking. You can change the colors of the main body and the rims. We did not spot any errors in the log.

A great mod although the engine break makes the truck stop ‘on a dime’ when you release the gas pedal.

Go to Download 10.3MB

This is not the modder’s original link. We have tried to locate it without luck. If you know the original link, please contact us. Until further notice, the file has been placed on a Non-Pay-Per-Download server.

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