Kenworth C500 Truck – Semi & Hooklift 1.3

This is the Kenworth C500 Truck for Farming Simulator 19. There are both a semi-truck and hooklift version of this beast in this pack.

Need a matching trailer? Take a look at this one: 3-axle hooklift trailer (also by 5nine.)

FS19 Kenworth C500

  • Brand: Kenworth.
  • Modder: 5nine.
  • Category: Trucks.
  • Base price: 143,000.
  • Engine configurations: 1.
  • Power range: 600 hp.
  • Top speed: 74 mph / 120 kph.
  • Selectable colors: Yes.
  • Selectable wheels: No – But there are more axle setups.
  • Extra Rear Hitch: Yes.
  • Errors: None.

A Highly detailed model from hum3d. A big shout out to Expendables Modding for the interior and design parts!

– UDIM textures
– Hooklift or Semi-truck
– Multiple design options (bumpers, exhausts, logracks, fenders etc)
– Compatible with the new ITrunner pack by Agrartechnik Nordeifel
– Colour and material options
– No known log errors

Attention! some shorter hooklift containers will raise the trucks backend while unloading, drive forward a bit when that happens!

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Donate to 5nine

You can donate to 5nine if you would like to show some appreciation for his work. Here’s the donation link: PayPal.Me/modsby5nine

Kenworth C500

(Updated June 2019) 5nine keeps making his mods better and better. Here are some of the changes he’s made to the Kenworth truck (including version changes):

  • You can add Nick Exley’s winch, both to the front and the rear of the truck (download here.)
  • The differential setup for the 1+2 and 2+2 axle setups has been adjusted.
  • Fifth wheel now moves. Just use your left mouse button.

Kenworth C500 1.3

(Update June 2019) There’s another update to the Kenworth available, adding to an already great mod. Here are some of the stuff mentioned in the changelog:

  • Working mirrors, color options for the rims, more torque, and “old” color schemes have been added.
  • There are now better rear wheels (duals instead of wide single), in addition to an optional lowering of the entire truck to better match trailers.
  • The dynamic trailerattacher height has been adjusted.

This is what 5nine has to say about the update:

So mr Fructuoso kindly helped me with some issues and improvements for this update. Remember to give him a cookie. Hell, give him an entire cake.

I had to redo almost the entire xml for these changes (lowering it turned out to be a pain in the ass caused by the config setup I was using) so give me at least a crumble of Davids cookie

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  1. for awhile now, i’ve been using the c500 as my main truck on ATS and this is a fairly poor comparison. maybe it’s just me but it should hav the option for front and rear steer and all wheel drive, all 5 axles and 1k HP engine option.

    • Hi Rhymerc, thanks for making a comment 🙂 I’m not 100 % sure, but I believe it’s just the winch (that you add) that works in the front. Are you looking for a plow mount?

  2. hello 5nine modding
    i have dwonloaded ur truck and i have edited it to change out the colors for candy and ,metallic colors and im a friend of neale green. i was wanting to ask ya if i can get permission from u to upload it papa smurfs modsite ?

    • Hi Raidman – How kind of you to ask!

      Not sure if 5nine reads your message. You could send him an email: h04maper [ @ ] gmail [ . ] com (found it at his web site.)

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