Raptor Carbon Slurry Tankers Pack

By Yesmods

Oct 02 2019 - 07:05

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FarmingSimulator 19 mod showcase: Here's the Raptor Carbon Slurry Tankers Pack byReider7479 (the download info is at the bottom of this presentation.)

This is animpressive liquid manure handling collection with no less than two tankertrailers and four different injectors. Most of the models are heavilymodified versions of the base game equipment. Especially the trailers lookbrutal!

Here is everything included with the Raptor Slurry pack:

Raptor Carbon 42000

  • BasePrice: 265,000.
  • Workingwidth: 36m.
  • Req.Power: 350 hp.
  • Workspeed: 25 kph.

Raptor Carbon 26000

  • BasePrice: 165,000.
  • Workingwidth: 28m.
  • Req.Power: 250 hp.
  • Workspeed: 25 kph.

Raptor SBH4 36

  • BasePrice: 53,000.
  • Workingwidth: 36m.
  • Workspeed: 25 kph.

Raptor Catros 6002

  • BasePrice: 31,000
  • Workingwidth: 6m.
  • Req.Power: 180 hp.
  • Workspeed: 25 kph.

Raptor SD 700

  • BasePrice: 53,000
  • Workingwidth: 7m.
  • Req.Power: 115 hp.
  • Workspeed: 25 kph.

Raptor TD 12

  • BasePrice: 33,000
  • Workingwidth: 12m.
  • Workspeed: 25 kph.

Cool Features

There's notmuch to configure in the shop, except for colors for the trailer rims, andparts of the various applications. There are also beefy-looking Terra wheelsavailable as an option.

The lack ofin-shop customization options doesn't mean there aren't cool features. Thefront axle of the largest trailer can be raised and lowered. Both trailer'sdrawbars have this option as well.

Needs Unfolding

There's atrigger at the end of the filling arm (which is telescopic, btw) thatlets you refill other tankers.

Thetrailers need to be unfolded before you start using them. This operationextends the telescopic axles and the rear splash-plate spreader. The platedisappears when you hook up injectors to the tanker.

The filling boom ismouse/controller operated.

A display shows you thefill level.

If you look closeenough...

FS19 Raptor Carbon SlurryTankers

When youwant to handle slurry using equipment out of the ordinary, you should try thispack. I think it's very well put together. Here are a few details:


Note: Several players (me included) have experienced that the injectors tend to skip small sections of the fields. Hopefully, this will get fixed in a future update.

Unloading Animation

It'spossible to add unloading animations to the filling booms. The result isvisible slurry streaming out of the nozzle. But this requires editing of themap you’re playing on. All necessary files are included with the mod, togetherwith instructions on how to do it (in German.)

Version - CPFriendly?

Some usershave reported that the filling arm might cause problems when the trailers areused with the current version of Courseplay. The modder has solved this byadding two versions of the trailers. One with the filling arm, the otherone without. Based on comments online, it seems that the new versionworks fine with Courseplay.

Version – Manure System Ready

(Updated April 6, 2020) The newly updated version of the slurry tanks includes both changes and additions:

Note: It’s possible to store the hoses on the side of the tank.

You can connect hoses to the tank and store them on the side.

Where to Download

The Raptor pack is held at Modhoster.com. Click the blue button to open the download page.

Go to DownloadWe always use the modder's original download link when possible. Please let us know if there's a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outsrefe Giants’ Modhub.

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