Larrington 42 Foot Bale Trailer

By Yesmods

Mar 14 2019 - 01:48

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This is the Larrington 42-foot bale trailer forFarming Simulator 19.It’s a nice bale trailer mod, based on the real-life flat deck trailers fromBritish manufacturer Larrington Trailers.

But if youwere hoping for an Autoload trailer, we haveto disappoint you. You have to load it manually. It surely puts your bale stackingskills to the test. If you stack them tight, you’ll be able to load 40+ balesonto the trailer.

Here are the essential facts:

We actually enjoy stacking bales manually. Then it’s handy to have a trailer that accepts lots of bales.

But we have to warn you about this one: It gets a bit wobbly when it’s stacked to the max. So, take it easy when hauling large loads…

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