John Deere 6R Series (US & Canada Version)

By Yesmods

May 06 2019 - 12:37

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Now, you can download the Americanized JohnDeere 6R Series tractors for Farming Simulator 19.

The basegame JD has gotten an overhaul to resemble the tractors you'll see whenvisiting farms in the United States or Canada. And it looks excellent.

Inside this mod, you'll find two versions of the 6R: One with a medium frame. And the large-frame version.

FS John Deere 6R USVersion

We are thrilledto get both the medium-frame and the large-frame version of the JD 6R.

We alsolike the many options available, like how we can add the StarFire GPS, andchoosing between weight brackets or hydraulics to the front of the tractor.

The moddingthat has been done to create the models is a work of art. We could not find anyerrors in the log after using the tractors.

Version – Even Betterwith Fixes

(UpdatedJanuary 3, 2020) AppalachesModding has just finished an update of the Americanized JD 6R tractors. Hereare some of the stuff that has happened to the addon:

How to Download

Here's the release post for the updated JDs, from Appalaches Modding's Facebook page. Just look for the download link at the bottom of it.

UPDATE: The Appalaches Modding's Facebook page has disappeared, unfortunately. We've stored the mod temporarily on our servers while we're waiting for the modder to get back online.

Go to DownloadThis is not the modder’s original link. We have tried to locate it without luck. If you know the original link, please contact us. Until further notice, the file has been placed on a Non-Pay-Per-Download server.

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