Claas Axion 800 Series (1st. Generation)

Demonstrates How Great Mods Can Be In Farming Simulator 19

This is the Claas 800 Series by TomasT150. It’s one of those FS 19 mods that leaves many players in awe. Because this is a beautiful mod. Almost too beautiful. We’ll come back to that.

We believe this Claas tractor mod is based on Sotillo’s model for Farming Simulator 2013. TomasT150 has done a lot of things to make it FS19 friendly. Here’s some of the stuff that has been done to version 1:

  • The textures are based on the real-life Claas colors.
  • It has implanted the new Giants’ system for dirt and wear.
  • There are 3 engine variations: 810, 830, and 850.
  • The front axle moves.
  • There are several design options, like different exhaust pipes.
  • This Axion 800 utilizes the FS19 dynamic hoses system.
  • Gas and brake pedals are animated.
  • The front fender can be removed.
  • And the interior lights are just beautiful.

It’s an awesome mod. With tons of details. Maybe too much, especially for lower configured gaming rigs. This mod is over 100 mb. Having too many of those heavy mods in your game can cause stutters and lag.

Some facts – The Claas Axion 800 Series:

  • Base price: 187,000
  • Top speed: 50 kph
  • Horsepower range: 176hp – 230hp
  • Several wheel configurations.

TomasT150 says that this is just version 1. There will be several updates made to this mod later. For now, we are already darn impressed.

Version 2 is here – First, the doors can now be opened. Here are the keyboard shortcuts:

  • Keys N and J – Opens and closes the left door.
  • Keys M and K – Opens, closes the rear window.
  • Keys Left Shift + N and J – Opens/closes the roof window.

And here are some the other V2 changes:

  • License plates have been added.
  • Now, you can also use Michelin tires with the Axion.
  • A front loader console has been added.
  • New working lights have been added to the cabin.
  • The exhaust effects have been revised.
  • And the engine power has been updated to mimic real life Axion engines.
Go to Download – 104MB

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

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