Fendt Trisix Tractor (540 to 1,500 HP)

Big! But Beautiful?

Finally, you can download the Fendt Trisix Tractor for Farming Simulator 19.

This is a nice FS19 reproduction of the Fendt concept tractor that was introduced at Agritechnica 2007, in Hannover, Germany. It was nicknamed “Mobydick” soon after its first public appearance.

We’ve tried to find out what happened to Fendt’s concept tractor. There’s no sign of it being in production. But there’s no confirmation that Fendt has buried the idea of a 6WD tractor either. Maybe in the future?

FS19 Fendt Trisix

  • Brand: Fendt.
  • FS17 credits: dufffr, qwares17, DemonbobR, Repi, and TSL.
  • FS19 credits: Rico, ITSSDOT, Eagle355th, Otis Little Bear Modding, KOTmods, SpawnFarms, and Ritchie Smk
  • Category: Large Tractors.
  • Engine configurations: 4 (Vario T500, Vario T700, Vario T900, And Vario Proto.)
  • Power range: 540 to 1,500 HP.
  • Top speed: 53 kph / 32 mph.
  • Selectable colors: Yes – Body and rims.
  • Selectable wheels: Yes – A lot.
  • Wheel brands: Michelin, Trelleborg, and Goodyear.
  • Front loader attacher: Nope.

We saw this version of the Trisix for the first time in FS17. Since then, a lot has happened to it. Most notably is the 3D model that has been rebuilt. That applies to both the interior and the exterior.

Dashboard gauges are animated. Connection hoses are installed. And the file size has been reduced drastically from previous versions. Kudos to the modders for that.

Yes, it’s a concept. Most of the engine options are unrealistic. But we can’t help being amused by this mod. And the audio is brutal (as in excellent)!

About the Steering

The crab steering and rear axle steering don’t work with the floater and row crop wheels. This is to prevent the big wheels from colliding.

The mod did produce a small log error. But nothing that broke our game.

How to Download

The official download for the Fendt Trisix is hosted over at Google. Click on the blue button to start downloading.

Go to Download

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.


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  1. @Erik S. and @Rico – Thanks much for the info and answers. The reason I made a ‘song and dance’ about this I am only able to access the web via wifi (hotspot on my cellphone) and having to waste download limits just for a version check tends to make me a little bit ‘miffed’.

    And, yes, I do realise you know where to find the version info, was just a bit of sarcasm on my side, tending to forget it doesn’t translate well onto the web.


    • Forgot to add, I actually like this mod a heck of a lot, (besides the awesome sound factor) this is the first tractor (that I have found/used) that has a working rear view mirror, no longer needing to ‘turn around’ when hitching up. Great innovation!


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