John Deere 9 RX Series (9420RX to 9620RX)

This is Probably the Best FS19 Conversion of The Popular JD Monster

We show you how you can download the John Deere 9 RX Series to Farming Simulator 19. This huge John Deere model is a conversion of one of the most popular FS17 versions. And it’s the best so far, until KMN Modding finishes his conversion later.

Here’s a quick fact sheet:

  • Base price: 350,499.
  • 5 engine options: 9420RX, 9470RX, 9520RX, 9570RX, and 9620RX.
  • Power range: From 420 to 620 HP.
  • Top speed: 40 kph / 24 mph.
  • A couple of design options (with or without a Starfire module.)
  • You can choose between wide tracks or row-crop tracks.
  • Modders: KMN Modding, TechMod, FS19 Conversion Taylor Farms.

It’s a beautiful mod. It drives beautifully. And it’s excellent to handle. The only thing we miss is the signature weights on the front. And the file size is a bit too much. No, one of these bad boys in-game probably won’t hurt performance. But running several of them side by side may cause lag or stutter…

How to Download

Want this mod in your mods folder? Just click on the blue button below to start the download process.

Go to Download – 94.1MB

The modder’s original link for this mod has disappeared. That’s why we have uploaded it to a non-pay-per-download server (Amazon S3.) If you’re the modder, and want us to update the link, please let us know.

Buyable Egg Pallets (With Autoload)

Meridian Diesel Fuel Tank (Placeable)