Measure Help Script Mod

No Need to Eyeball Log Lengths in FS19 Anymore

Here’s the Measure Help script mod for Farming Simulator 19. This brilliant FS 19 mod helps you measure the logs that you cut down with a chain saw.

Here’s the problem: When using a forest harvester, all you must do is set the preferred length of each log. Then automation cuts the logs in perfect pieces.

Doing this manually, with a chain saw, is much more a guessing game. And believe us, it’s quite hard to eyeball the length of logs in the Farming Simulator games. And this is where the Measure Help mod comes in.

Using this mod is almost like having a measuring tape in your hand.

This is how it works (just make sure you’re outside any vehicle):

  • Press Alt + right mouse button: This sets a starting point, from where you’ll start measuring.
  • Now move your character in any direction. Notice how the distance from the starting point is displayed.

Oh, and the middle button changes the measuring units (meter or foot.)

Some short facts about this mod:

  • Mod: Measure Help for FS19.
  • Modder: Kenny456.

This is a mod the manual logger can’t do without in Farming Simulator 19. And you don’t have to use it only in the forest. You can measure anything with it.

Go to Download (48KB)

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