Large Placeable Grain Bin Complex

By Yesmods

Mar 08 2019 - 09:52

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Here you have a really large and placeable grain bincomplex for Farming Simulator 19.

On many North Americanfarms, you’ll see lots of grain bins. Hugegrain bins. Because everything is bigger “over there”… On a more seriousnote, many American farms are based on large scale farming. They need largestorage capacity for all those big harvests.

Do you want to go big? Want to get started with big a** farming? Then youneed grain bins to match your operation.

Here’s a nice pack foryou, from Bronkema Toys. 14 bins and a couple of dryers. Needless to say,you’ll need quite some space to place this monster.

Warning: We get one error. There’s a sound file using thewrong format. But the sound still works. And the error doesn’t affect gameplay.

(We believe theoriginal models were made by ThompsonM06 from LazyMod Studios. It has been theobject for several edits since.)

Update March 2019 - The mod now consists of two versions:

The button below takes you directly to Dropbox where you can download the grain bins. Be sure to visit Bronkema Toys on Facebook to leave his Facebook page a Like.

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