Placeable Liquid Fertilizer Production

By Yesmods

May 18 2019 - 09:54

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The placeable Liquid Fertilizer production modfor FS19 is available for download now.

One great thing about this production mod is that it comes with level indicators.

FS19 Liquid FertilizerProduction (Placeable)

More info on this particular Farming Simulator19 mod:

The liquidfertilizer production facility is capable of making 500 liters of liquidfertilizer per minute (from 250 liters ofwater and fertilizer, respectively.)

The scriptthat is used is custom made for Farming Simulator 19.

1. Add Water

2. Add Solid Fertilizer

3. Reap the Rewards


(UpdateJuly 5, 2019) Theliquid fertilizer production facility has an update. According to thechangelog, the latest version is mostly about fixes:

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This production mod is hosted at Just click on the blue button below to open the official download page.

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