Schleifner Transport & Service Pack

By Yesmods

May 21 2019 - 11:32

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This is the Schleifner Transport and ServicePack for Farming Simulator 19. Several different platforms to be attached to your tractors for smallertransportation tasks.

FS19 Schleifner Transport& Service Pack

Utility Pack consisting of a front tank for diesel and two platforms for special tasks.

Milk platform
1. Configuration as transport platform with tension straps
2. Configuration as mesh box with tension straps
3. Configuration grid box with milk cans, one of which has a more realistic filling volume (420 litres) and a gameplay-friendly filling volume (3000 litres) as well as with and without warning label
4. Configuration with IBC container for transport of water (2400 litres - 800 per container)
5. Choice of two "old" colours, zinc and stainless steel (structure and platform)

Service platform
1. Workshop trigger
2. Choice of two "old" colours, zinc and stainless steel
3. Diesel (front) tank
4. Pure diesel transport
5. Colour selection (3x colour, zinc and stainless steel)

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