HoT Placeable GlobalCompany Greenhouses

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Nov 02 2019 - 11:00

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FS 19 addonpresentation: The Placeable GlobalCompany Greenhouses by the HoT Team.

Here youhave six different greenhouses and a selling point for your Farming Simulator19 farm. Note that you need to have the GlobalCompany (GC) script activatedwith your gamesave for the greenhouses to start producing berries, fruits, andvegetables.

6 Greenhouses

The magnificentlooking greenhouses from the HoT Team comes in six different variations. Eachversion provides a specific product. This is what you can make:

Each greenhouseneeds the following to start making the good stuff: Water, manure, and seeds.And no, you can’t buy the ingredients inside the GC menu, at least not with thiscurrent version of the script.

1 Hour Pallets

When you’veadded the necessary stuff to the greenhouses, they’ll start making products automatically.There’s are really nice animation inside each of them, where boxes of fruit,vegetables, and berries are transported to the storage building next to thegreenhouse.

When youwant to sell your products, you can spawn them as pallets from the GC menu. Thepallets will then show up on the left side of the greenhouse. It will takeabout one in-game hour to make one pallet.

Selling Point included

The HoTgreenhouses addon includes a selling point. It has a selling booth, similar tothose you’ll see in traditional marketplaces. The price you’ll get for eachproduct varies. For most products, I got +/- 1,000 per pallet.

Just putthe pallets inside the markers to the rear of the selling booth.

Chaff as Byproduct

Thegreenhouses will not only help you grow different kinds of fruit andvegetables. It also creates chaff as a byproduct. During the production process,a heap of chaff will start to build to the rear of the different greenhouses.The chaff can be removed with a front loader bucket, for example.

Useful Tips

There are acouple of things you should know about the placeable greenhouses from the HoTTeam:

  1. You can sell the greenhouses, and the selling point.
  2. Open the seed bin covers before filling them.
  3. The pallets can be autoloaded onto Autoload trucks and trailers that use the Easy Autoload addon, like the Friesenjung pack.

FS 19 HoT Placeable GlobalCompanyGreenhouses

This is a greatmod, especially when you want to add more than fieldwork and animal care toyour Farming Simulator 19 game. It’s also a great looking addon. Just remembereach greenhouse needs a significant amount of space.

Here aresome details: Changelog - SellYour Selling Point

(UpdatedNovember 8, 2019) Firstof all, all the greenhouses have had their Seasons 19 masks tweaked. Anotherimportant update is that It’s now possible to sell the selling booth too.

Version – Updatedfor Seasons

(UpdatedJanuary 2, 2020) Thenewly updated Greenhouses now works with the latest version of theGlobalCompany script ( – Note that this version differs from the“official” version over at Giants Modhub.)

Do you useSeasons? Then you should know that the greenhouses will only produce duringwinter and summer, and not all the year.

Where to Download

The placeable, GlobalCompany greenhouses are hosted at Uploaded. The blue button opens the official download page.

Go to DownloadWe always use the modder's original download link when possible. Please let us know if there's a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outsrefe Giants’ Modhub.

(Via LS Modcompany.)

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