Lemken Korund 750 L Cultivator (7.5 Meters)

By Yesmods

Feb 27 2019 - 05:47

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Now you can use the Lemken Korund 750 Lcultivator mod to prepare your FS19 fields for planting. This Farming Simulator 19 mod is so easy to use,especially since it’s mounted directly on your tractor.

A smart thing about this mod is how it folds for transport. The cultivator has an impressive work width of 7.5 meters. But when folded, it’s no wider than a standard tractor.

Neatly folded...

Time to give you some facts:

We like this mod, especially because of how it folds when you’re not cultivating. The folding mechanism makes it easy, both to transport and store the cultivator.

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