Timber Runner Wide with Autoload

Makes Loading of Massive Log Piles a Piece of Cake

FS19 mods presentation: Here you have the Timber Runner Wide with Autoload for Farming Simulator 19. This FS19 mod is just brilliant. Tired of loading logs onto trailers manually? Then try this one. You won’t regret it.

This is really Autoload 2.0. I know Kenny456 (the modder) has been fine-tuning both the trailers and the script for several years. And it just keeps getting better.

First of all, you’ll get a total of three Autoload log trailers:

  • One 12-meter trailer: Choose between 1 pile of 12m logs, 2 piles for logs up to 6m, or 3 piles for logs up to 4m.
  • A 15-meter trailer: Here you can have 1 pile up to 15m, 2 piles up to 7.5m, 3 piles up to 5m, or 4 piles up to 3.5m
  • And one 20-meter trailer: This one holds 1 pile up to 20m, 2 piles up to 10m, 3 piles up to 6.5m, or 4 piles up to 5m.
Now that is some load…

Autoload 2.0

When we say Autoload 2.0 it’s because there are so many features that have been added to the autoloading script and the trailers:

  • Additional stanchions can be folded and unfolded when you are loading short logs in 3 or 4 piles (applies to the 15m and 20m trailers.)
  • There is plenty of space between the stanchions, making it easy to use a wheel loader to load or unload the trailers manually.
  • All trailers have a rear hitch for attaching more trailers.
  • You can control where to load the various log piles on each trailer. A visual guide makes it dead easy to load accurately.
  • You can also switch between the loaded piles manually.
  • You can show the unloading area. You can also move and rotate it, making accurate unloading easier.
  • All controls can be edited in the Input Bindings menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

These autoloading timber trailers are advanced. You may have to use them for a while before getting a natural with them. Here are the keyboard shortcuts you need to learn:

  • Left Ctrl + T = Show or hide F1 help controls.
  • X = Fold and unfold additional stanchions.
  • B = Start and stop autoload.
  • Y = Start and stop unload.
  • O = Switch loading and unloading side.
  • Numpad Enter = Change the number of piles.
  • Numpad Period = Switch to the next pile.
  • Numpad Minus = Move the unload position.
  • Numpad Plus = Resize unload position.
  • Numpad 0 = Rotate the unload position.
  • Numpad * = Show or hide load position.
  • Numpad / = Show or hide unload position.

This video illustrates how you can operate each of the trailers.

And finally, here are some basic facts about this great mod:

  • Mod: Timber Runner Wide with Autoload.
  • Modder: Kenny456.
  • Prices: 26,000, 29,000 and 34,000.

Warning: We couldn’t make the mod work properly at first. It seems the trailers might conflict with other autoload mods, due to the excessive use of input bindings. When we removed the other Autoload mods and deleted the Input Bindings XML file, we got it to work as announced.

Go to Download 10.6MB

We always use the modder’s original download link when possible. Please let us know if there’s a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outside Giants’ Modhub.

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