New Holland FR 780 Forage Harvester (Americanized)

It’s a Good Looking Forage Harvester with 5 Types of Tinted Windows

Here’s an Americanized version of the New Holland FR 780 forage harvester as an FS19 mod. It’s Elite Modding Quebec that is responsible for making a US & Canadian version of this harvester.

(It seems a lot of North American players prefer to have their machinery and equipment look more authentic. And who can blame them?)

One really cool thing about this mod is that you can choose how much tint the cockpit windows should have. There are 5 tint variations to choose from. Thumbs up for the ingenuity!

Other things that have been done to the NH forage harvester:

  • There are 6 different wheel options, including Michelin tires.
  • The European warning signs have been removed. Instead, the harvester has an NA warning triangle.
  • This mod has more lights than the original model, including new beacon lights.

Job well done, Elite Modding Quebec. We don’t mind European looking machinery at all. But it’s nice to see that modders take care of the North Americans too.

Go to Download – 8.8MB

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