John Deere 50 & 60 STS Series Combines 1.2

By Yesmods

Jun 19 2019 - 09:16

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This isyour chance to download the John Deere 50-60 STS series combines for FarmingSimulator 19. (You'llfind the download link below.)

There areactually three models included with this mod: The STS 50, the STS 60(Old Generation), and the new 2004 version of the STS 60.

Detailed Combine Mod

SiiD (themodder in chief) has put a lot of effort into making this mod stand out.

The modelsare very detailed (hence the large file size.) It has all the correctFS19 textures (UDIM, Specular for dirt and wear.) And many coolanimations.

There areseveral design options as well, like the Greenstar or Starfire3000, lots ofgrain tank extensions, and several wheel configuration options.

FS19 John Deere 50-60 STS

Here are the most important facts about this Farming Simulator 19 mod:

Version 1.1 – So ManyOptions

(UpdatedAugust 13, 2019) Welove this combine. And it just keeps getting better. Version 1.1 introducesthe option to open the doors by using your mouse if you're on a computer.

Also, (many)more store options are available, like different pipe options, main bodyoptions, fan cover options, and tailboard choices. And the bugs are all gone.

Version 1.2 - Bug fixes

How to Download

SiiD has selected Google to host the combines. Click on the button under to get to the download page.

Go to DownloadWe always use the modder's original download link when possible. Please let us know if there's a problem with the link. P.S. How to stay safe while downloading mods outsrefe Giants’ Modhub.

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