LT-58 Shortlog Trailer

When You Want to Transport Logs North American Style

And now the time has come to present the LT-58 Shortlog trailer for Farming Simulator 19. This mod is apparently inspired by North American logging equipment. It’s big, bold and kind of beautiful…

One thing is for sure: This trailer can carry a whole lot of logs in one run. We managed to fill it with three Ponsse buffalo bunk loads. And it still was room for more.

Some facts:

  • Mod: LT-58 Shortlog Trailer
  • Modder: FDR Logging.
  • Price: 22,850.
  • Ideal log length: 5 meters.

It’s a nice mod we’re happy to use whenever we do logging on North American maps.

The only thing about this trailer is its category. We expected to find it inside the ‘Forestry Equipment’ category. But no. Instead, you’ll find it in the ‘Forestry Machinery’ category.

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